Saturday, August 9, 2014

Christina's Garden Baby Shower

Hi friends! :) 

Happy Saturday!

I am at that stage in my life where pretty much every {married} girlfriend I have is pregnant or just had a baby.  

It is so amazing to learn all about my girlfriends' pregnancies and even more so to meet these little perfect babies as they are arriving.  

It truly is a miracle and reminds me daily that God is so good! 

Last weekend, I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends from college, Christina.  

Christina is due in October and the gender of the baby is a fun!!

For the record...I am predicting a baby girl! 

When we bought our house, I accidentally inherited a backyard with a crazy amount of flower beds and greenery that I am no where near qualified to care for.  

I decided we should take advantage this year and do a "Garden Party" themed shower from the momma-to-be, Miss Christina! 

Side note...Christina actually does have a green thumb, so this was appropriate. 

Of course, after an unseasonably cool week, it was a ba-gillion degrees the day of the outdoor shower.  I anticipated this and set up the food and gifts inside.  

My dear husband also helped me put up a pop-up tent to help shade the tables.  

I was so happy with how the banner I ordered for Baby Moses turned out - it set the tone for the decor and it was a nice keepsake to give to Christina after the shower too! 

Pinterest tells us it wouldn't be a shower without a cute banner, right?! :) 

{baby moses banner from Etsy - PaperEtcStudio}

To welcome the guests, I found a chalkboard sign at Home Goods.  

A warning to those who have not dabbled in chalkboard art...I had a VERY difficult time keeping this sign from looking like a toddler wrote it out.  

Thankfully, I tackled that task the night before while enjoying a glass of wine or two, which eased the pain a little. 

I didn't get the memo that you can actually buy Chalkboard Pens? Next time... 

I hung the sign on a Shepard's hook (I think that's what they are called?) that we typically use to hang a bird feeder or hanging basket - it worked! :) 

{she's ready to get the party started!}

{tent was a lifesaver!}

We are still slowly piecing together our house, including our outdoor space, and we don't have a patio set that fits 8 people.  

I stressed a little over this and then decided to just go shabby chic and pull out our kitchen table to put along side our 4-person patio set.  

Sometimes, in my opinion, there is perfection in the imperfection! :) 

{table #1}

I got two tablecloths and some colorful napkins from Homegoods to fit the theme and color scheme.  

I added to that: big mason jar vases filled with a random assortment of flowers I arranged from Trader Joes, a stack of garden(ish) themed baby books with a stuffed animal on top (frog & bunny to keep with the garden theme!), plastic silverware in mason jars, and fun crystal glasses for champagne {pink & white!} with raspberries or a lemonade mocktail. 

{table #2}


{momma to be}

The group gathered inside for a while for refreshments, chatting, and to fill up our plates. 

We then we braved the heat to eat lunch outside and play the games set out at each place setting.  

I totally forgot to take pictures of the food that was set up in our kitchen, but I kept it simple with preggo-friendly wraps (BBQ roasted chicken and veggie), mac & cheese, salads, and asked my guests to bring an appetizer of their choice (quinoa salad, farmers market veggies & dip, tomato/feta salad, spinach dip...).  

I went to the Etsy shop Shower That Baby for chalkboard-themed printables like a Celebrity Baby Name matching game, a customized Price is Right game with items from Christina's registry, and "Wishes for Baby" cards.  

{Mary Beth & Donna at lunch}

{momma to be - playing games}

I also made up a "Who's that Baby" guessing game with pictures of the momma-to-be and all of the shower guests.  

The favors and "prizes" for the game winners were candles.

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of candles...especially when they are "free" :) 

{who's that baby? game}

{nana & momma to be}

After we were all roasty toasty and the bugs were on my last nerve :) ... we moved inside to announce the game winners, have dessert, and open gifts! 

{dessert & gifts inside}

Dessert was a lemon-poppy seed bunt cake, chocolate covered strawberries, and decorated mini cupcakes...none of which I made, but all of which were delicious :) 

{momma-to-be opening gifts}

{photo op out by our shed}

{wine club girls}

After all the food was enjoyed, the games were done, and many bottles of champagne were popped by the non-preggos, we gathered in our living room for at least a couple of hours to relax and do some serious girl talk.  

I don't think the last guest left until 5pm! 

I know it's sappy, but my heart was so full even going into the next day after spending such a great afternoon with my girlfriends.  

Christina, I love you, and I can't wait to meet baby Mo!!!!!