I call this the "Fashion(ish) Page" because I, by no means, consider myself to be an expert on fashion, nor someone who has a style that any other girl would necessarily even want to emulate. I leave the real fashion to my personal and blogger friend, Kinsey, who blogs over at  {You should check her out sometime!}

I have decided to start sharing some of my outfits (emphasis on the “some” because I am now studying for the bar exam and I am lucky if I even throw on a pair of jeans each day) because: A) I think it’s kinda fun!, and B) I often find myself saying “I wonder where she got that (insert clothing item/piece of jewelry/pair of shoes/or bag) from?!”

When it comes to my personal “style,” I’d describe it as a mix of Midwestern girl meets focus on comfort meets professional-wear meets likes to try new things. 

My Outfits (in descending order - newest posts to oldest)

Maui Fashion(ish)
Breaking the Rules
Date Night
Flapper Girl
90 Degree Outfit
Stripes & Bows Outfit
Graduation Outfit
Day to Night
Work-Wear Outfit

General Fashion Posts

Spring Workout Wear (2011)

Wedding Fashion Posts

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