Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who's your inspiration?

Good morning & happy hump day!! :)

Do you ever find yourself needing a source of inspiration to whip your butt into gear to go get your workout on?  

Maybe it's a celebrity with an incredible body that keeps your eye on the prize?

Perhaps...Jennifer Aniston toned & tanned on one of her many Mexican vacations?

Yep! That'll do it.

Or maybe you look to someone you know to help you get out of a slump and back onto that treadmill?

I am lucky that one of my very best friends is a huge source of inspiration for me when I am not really feeling up to working out.

My friend Ashley is hands down the most driven person I know when it comes to getting in a daily sweat.

She single-handedly kept me from gaining (another) 10 pounds my senior year at IU when there was a lot of:


And way too much of this...

Going on.

She was the best workout buddy a girl could ask for! Pretty much every day, EVEN Saturday mornings when we had been out late enjoying WAY too much of the above the night before, she would motivate me to go to the gym to at least work up some sort of a sweat.

Ashley is a true inspiration when it comes to fitness.

When I find myself trying to make excuses for not going to the gym because I'm too "busy," I often remind myself that Ashley often gets up at like 5AM-ish to squeeze in her daily workout, and it definitely serves as that extra little "push" I need.

Ashley even inspired me to finally fulfill one of my life-long goals of running a half marathon last October.  She and her fiance are now training to run a full marathon this April! That's right -- they have been running miles upon miles in the snowy, icey, freezing cold winter.  Simply amazing!

So thank you Ashley for being such an amazing inspiration & best friend!!

We don't have any fun together... at all ;)

Ashley is now back living in St. Louis & I really miss having her around as my workout buddy! Some days more than others, like yesterday...

I definitely didn't have time to get my workout in yesterday morning, and by the time I got home I was feeling extremely lethargic and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a box of Cheez-its & watch the end of the Bachelor I had DVRed from the night before.

Justin & I had talked about a run outside since it was 40ish degrees & most of the ice had finally melted on the sidewalks.

Just as I was about to back out of our little jog, THIS came in the mail...

Yep.  That got my running shoes on REAL fast.

Thank you, Victoria Secret, for the coupons, and for always helping me resist the urge to eat 4 pieces of my "healthy" weekend pizza, instead of 2 (okay, maybe 3).

See, there really are sources of inspiration everywhere, sometimes staring at you in the face, if you just keep your eyes open! :)

Have a great day, everyone!




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  3. Love you!!! Definitely could not have done those workouts without you!! A great workout buddy helps a ton!! I miss our daily sessions so much!

    Ps. Those Bizz fries are making me hungry....