Friday, April 1, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

Good Morning friends! Happy fuh-reaky Friday! :)

Did anyone else fall for an April Fool's joke this morning? I sure did.

Justin & I had to switch cars today because I'm leaving town for the night and my car, well, we will just say it is more "suited" for road trips.  We're always a little nervous how his car will do day-by-day, so he usually takes mine to commute out to the suburbs for work.  When he was driving his car to work today, he called me and told me the brakes had locked up, and it was smoking, on the side of the highway! Oh. my. goodness. I was freaking out. 

He then suddenly said he had to go because he thought thought the car was on FIRE. Just as I was thinking of how I was going to re-arrange my plans for the day, he called me back, and said "APRIL FOOLS." What a little brat! ;)

I did end up making enchiladas last night, although not until much later than expected because I had forgotten a few key ingredients so I had to run back to the store.

Cheesy, chicken-y goodness :)

We can only ever eat one each, so there are tons of leftovers. Good thing, because Justin is fending for himself tonight after that joke.

Just kidding! :) I'm actually on my way back to my other "home" for the night to catch up with some of my very best friends.  I'm pretty sure most of you who read this know me and know that I grew up in Indiana, so that is technically my "home town," but my mom moved up to Michigan to live with my grandparents while I was in college, so that is also kinda a "home" of mine now. It gets so confusing to explain to people when they ask me where I am from, where my family is, etc.

Since I'm going to be gone all day and then on the road, I packed another snack pack for the day, re-vamped a little from last week!

A look inside my snack pack, clockwise:

Full CamelBak
Red Pepper Slices with Hummus (thanks for the tip, Brigette!)
Sandwich (for lunch): Turkey, Low Fat Swiss Cheese, a few slices of Apple & Pear, and some Dijon on a wheat sandwich thin.
Chobani 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt (I keep BARE granola in my desk at work to mix in).
The rest of the Apple & Pear sliced up for snacking.
A Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip LARABAR for later this afternoon (new fav flavor thanks to Christina!)
A Chocolate Peppermint Stick LUNA bar (for the ride home tomorrow, these taste AMAZing)
& my makeshift lunch box :)

I almost ran out the door without my breakfast!  Thank God my growling stomach reminded me to throw in my morning oatmeal to make at work.

This is how I roll if I don't have time to eat at home before work. I just put 1 tbsp of my peanut butter in a little tupperware bowl, take a packet of my favorite oats, and bring a little fruit (bananer today for my aching legs). I just mix it all up with some hot water from the coffee maker, and voila!, instant breakfast goodness.

I am really excited about my trip back to Indiana. I cannot WAIT to get my favorite drink in the entire world -- a diet vanilla coke from Snowbear Frozen Custard. This is basically a fountain diet coke with some vanilla syrup mixed in and that amazing pebble-shaped ice. I lived on these things growing up and can never find anyone who does a similar drink anywhere else I go.

I am also thinking about bringing home some Bruno's pizza & Bruno dough (these little fried balls of dough with dipping sauces, I swear they are made of 100% lettuce) back to Chicago to enjoy tomorrow night! I ran what felt like a BA-gillion miles this week, and I am definitely feeling a treat night! :)

I know I have been giving you guys a weekend night-in recipe on Fridays, but since I already yabbered on about a recipe on Wednesday, I am going to refer ya'll over to another favorite blog of mine, Peanut Butter Fingers, to check out some of Julie's recipes.  I am particularly intrigued by her Sloppy Joe recipe.  If I was going to make it, I'd use a 97/3 lean ground beef, and add in a little paprika or chili powder for an extra kick!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday & weekend!

Something to talk about: What treats do you just HAVE to pick up every time you go back "home"?  




  1. Jess, MY favorite drink is also diet vanilla coke (but with marshmellow)...haven't gotten one in years until I went to McCord's a few weeks ago so I got one there! Have fun in WL!!

  2. tcby white chocolate mouse because for some reason they do not have tcby in chicago.

  3. LOVE McCord's too Danielle - I used to always go there after dance class! And I couldn't agree more about TCBY, Ashley! That was my favorite growing up and I can only ever find it in Michigan now!