Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lunchtime Leftover Lucy

Hi guys & girls! :) 

How are you all doing today?!

Things moving right along over here this Thursday!  I’m super excited because I’m headed out to the happiest of hours with some co-workers after work today.  I will definitely be missing everyone when I’m gone studying for the bar.

But before the fun, I’ve gotta plow through some more piles on my desk. 

My energy this afternoon is courtesy of this delicious little lunch I packed for myself:

Leftover sliced BBQ meatloaf (see the recipe here) + Swiss cheese + Dijon on a whole wheat Arnold thin, red pepper squared (aka red pepper slices with roasted red pepper hummus), and, last, but certainly not least, a Dove promise (never lets me down!).

Interesting lunch, huh?

I think preparing your own lunch is one of the best ways to health-i-fy your diet, and it saves so much $$ too!  I’ve been doing really well with packing lunches these past few weeks, and I think a lot of my performance can be attributed to being more creative with leftovers.

I used to give leftovers the stank eye.

I rarely got a doggie bag because I knew I’d never eat the meal outside of the restaurant, and, I am sad to admit, but we used to throw out a lot of our leftovers from homemade meals (it’s really hard to get the portions right when you’re only cooking for two).

With an open mind, and a few of the following tips, I think I have successfully become a leftover “artist” {at least when it comes to lunch}. 

1) Stock up on some sandwich thins! 

I used to shy away from sandwiches for lunch because my breakfast is so carb-y and my dinner usually involves a least one source of carbohydrates.  

"Sandwich thins" allow you to use a lot of leftover meats (think shredded Crock Pot chicken or pork, or, as I had today, things like meatloaf!) in sandwich-form for minimal carbs (just over 20 grams) and maximum satisfaction.  Our freezer is now overflowing with them because I have been stocking up on the buy one get one free deals!

You can also try things like Flat Outs for low carb wraps or even bagel thins! Whateva floats your boat.

2) Spice up that salad!

Save any leftover vegetables, like roasted broccoli or green beans, and throw them into your daily salad.  This is a great way to keep things interesting, because we all know salads get boring FAST.

I have also been taking after Julie over @ peanut butter fingers, and adding some additional pizzazz to my good greens by topping things off with leftover meat, like shredded Crock Pot chicken, sloppy joe meat, sliced up baked chicken, you name it!

The most creative salad creation I’ve come up with to date was after our Cinco de Mayo fiesta – when I made a salad with leftover BBQ chicken, salsa, and the remnants of our mock-a-mole. 

I am still dreaming about that salad.

3) Invest in some schanzzie Tupperware.

Our Tupperware cabinet has been overflowing lately because I can’t seem to get enough of the Glad. 

Tupperware can make re-using leftovers much easier, by allowing you to freshly store all of your items in separate, highly portable containers. 

I recommend getting small “bowl-like” containers for things like soup, stews, or even your morning oats!

I am also currently singing the praises of the teeny tinny little “dip sauce” cups (see the one pictured in my lunch above), which have been allowing me to bring things like hummus, salsa, peanut butter, ketchup, and even (GASP) ranch dressing to spice up my lunches. 

Last, but not least, you guys know I am OBSESSED with my salad Tupperware contraption {Fit 'n Fresh Salad Shaker from Target}, which houses lots of greens, and now many lovely leftovers, to fill me up at lunch.

Keep an open mind, be creative, and try these “tips,” and you’ll be a Lunchtime Leftover Lucy, saving those dollas and some calories, in no time!

**Something to talk about: Are you a Lunchtime Leftover Lucy?  What tips do you have for making good use of leftovers?

Stay tuned for another fashion(ish) post later today!




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