Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Me Happy

Hi Everyone! :)

Hope you had all had a fantastic weekend! 

I'm back to the "grind" today, working 9am to 5pm all week at the office trying to make some $$ before I have to leave to study for the bar exam. 

I might need you all to bear with me this week as I get used to the schedule and squeeze in time to do the bloggage, things might be coming later, earlier, longer, or shorter this week, but I promise to still give you your daily doses one way or another! ;) 

For your Monday dose of happiness, here's what's making me smile this morning: 

1) Fresh coffee in my pretty mug & Skinny Carmel Macchiato creamer.  If you don't have your own special mug, I highly recommended picking yourself up one (I got mine @ Hallmark -- random, but they have adorable coffee cups!), it really makes the experience a little more special! ;) Also, you've gotta pick up this line of creamers if you love a little flava in your morning cup of joe! 

2) A big bag of fresh st-rawww-berries from Indiana.  I swear they always taste better from there! 

3) My breakfast buddy!

We doggie-napped Scrappy from Justin's parents for the week! :) How can you not smile waking up to that pretty furry face?! 

4) Super random lunch creations

I am determined to only buy lunch out once this week (I gotta treat myself to 1 fire roasted veggie salad -- probably on freaky Friday!). 

Today, I packed up some red pepper slices, a raspberry jam/mustard/cheese on a sandwich thin (a cray-zee good combo) and some of Justin's mom's vegetable soup, which I am SO excited to try! 

5) A good weekend spent with good friends:

Jimmy, Buck, and Justin out in Chicago on Friday night! 

Me and my buddy Kristen @ the Derby party on Saturday.
She had Animal Kingdom winning -- smart cookie! ;) 
{Hat courtesy of Justin's adorable Grandma!}

6) That no matter how much fun we have out of town, I am always excited to get back to our little life @ our little (soon to be much bigger!!) home: 

He's gonna kill me -- but it was too cute. Hey, when you fall asleep @ 8 o'clock, ya snooze, ya lose! ;) 

I hope you all get off to a great start to your week today! Get out there and make it a good one. 

Something to talk about: What's making you happy this Monday morning?! 

Catch ya later! 




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