Monday, May 23, 2011

The Other Bar

Good morning, friends!

I am so sorry I missed you all on fuhhh-ReAkY Friday! Turned out to be a cray-zee day wrapping things up at work, and I didn't get to the post.

I wanted to pop in really quick to say good morning! :) Today I start BarBri, which is a 2-month(ish) long prep course for the Illinois Bar Examination.  So, basically, this is how it's gonna go:

Did you just spit out your morning coffee, because I know I did!!!!! Yikity yike yike.

This week, I will be sitting in a big auditorium with a bagillion of my fellow recent graduates, from 9AM to 3PM, for all of the introductory stuff.

To prepare for my first day, I chomped down a big bowl of overnight oats, and made up a snack pack (although I didn't actually see "lunch break" on the schedule, and I'm a little worried...):

Into the snack pack went a bag of strawberries, a 0% Vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt, a turkey/swiss/dijon/rasp. jelly sandwich on a wheat Arnold thin, a dark chocolate Dove Promise, and a Luna bar (chocolate dipped coconut) for my pre-Barre burn fuel.

Quick funny story: It is hilarious how confusing it is that I love the "Barre" exercise classes, I am taking the "Bar" exam, and I will be in "BarBri" every day this summer.  Justin is having a very difficult time keeping up.  A couple of weeks ago I was telling him I was going to "Barre" and he had a confused/worried look on his face asking me, "I thought that didn't start for another couple of weeks??" I got a chuckle.

Anyway, I did just want to pop in to say "good morning," because I've gotta get a move-on to get a seat @ BarBri.  If there's one thing I learned at law school, it's that law students are the biggest eager beavers in the world, so I'll be lucky if getting there a 1/2 hour early is enough!

After class, I'm gonna go plop myself down at sbux with the gift card my amazing friends got me for graduation, so I will be back with a weekend re-cap (it was a GOOD one!), and maybe a fashion post, if you're lucky! ;)

Need a little "case of the Mondays" pick me up? Take a look, you could be just 30 seconds away from happiness!

Have a great morning, ya'll!



This week I will be sitting in a big


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