Thursday, May 5, 2011

Put some fit in your Fiesta!

Hi hi!

Happy CINCO DE MAYO!!  :) 

Who else wants to just sit back with an ice cold cerveza with a lime?? 

Ahhhhhhh!! :) 

I wish I could say that is me currently sitting on a beachfront balcony with a Corona Light in hand, but it's actually a picture from our vacation last summer.

A girl can dream, right?! 

Here's some ideas to put some f.i.t. in your fiesta tonight: 

1) Use 0% plain Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream.

2) Ditch the store-bought guacamole, and create your own mock-a-mole

3) Dip into your freshly-made guac with some whole grain/multigain or baked tortilla chips, such as:

Tostitos Multigrain

Tostito's Baked Scoops 

**Don't bring the whole bag to the table, just fill up a small(ish) bowl to serve along side your salsa/guac to portion-control-it! 

Or, if you can find them, try Beanitos!

These low-glycemic, corn-free chips are delisshhh! I personally love the Chipotle Barbecue flavor. 

4) If you're cheeeezin it up, choose a low(er)-fat cheese, like a shredded mexican cheese made with 2% milk! I never taste the difference when it comes to mexican cheese. 

5) Dish up some of my healthy(ish) enchiladas.

6) Try a pre-bottled skinny girl margarita, or make your own!

**Try to keep it to 2 cocktails, if possible, to avoid feeling icky tomorrow! 

**Skip the salt around the rim to avoid any extra bloating and dehydration tomorrow. 

7) If your not a tequila lover, but want that Mexican flavor, opt for a Corona Light (or 2!), for about 105 calories & 5 carbs per bottle.  Sip it up with some fresh lime wedges! :)

Chicago readers -- my new reality show obsession, Extreme Couponing, has me looking through the "circulars" now, and look what I found:

Corona 12-pack for $9.99.

Not a bad deal if you're having some people over for a fiesta! 

{I'm assuming this deal applies to Corona Light as well.}

Follow some of these "guidelines" for a more well-balanced celebration today & I know you'll wake up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to tackle your fuuuh-reaky Friday! :)

See you all tomorrow!




  1. I've never had beanitos! Looks yummy. Love the name too.

  2. They are SO SO good! I am having a hard time finding them though, checked 2 stores already today and no luck so far!