Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spin Love

Good morning sunshines!

How are you doing this AM?

I'm feeling a little groggy this morning, stayed up a little bit past my bedtime last night packing up a couple of boxes for our move this weekend.  I'm sure it's nothing a pretty cup of coffee can't cure!

So yesterday, I was telling you guys about how I went to spin class over the weekend, and loved it.  I've been to a few spin classes over the past several weeks, and I keep asking myself why I took such a long break from it.

Around this time last year, I used to spin about 3 times a week (spinning was to me then what Barre is to me now). I think maybe I just got burnt out on it (which tends to happen with me, I apparently have the fitness attention span of a 4-year-old).

Well, the love affair is back in full force now.

I missed you Mr. Bike.  Please kick my booty!!

My fitness philosophy as of late has been trying to incorporate some high-intensity cardio with low-to-medium intensity, fat burning, workouts. 

Spin is an incredible cardio workout.  For those of you who might not be familiar, spin is a group exercise class, led by an instructor, where everyone rides their own stationary bike to heart-pumping music.   The instructor usually changes up the pace from fast to slow, and incorporates seated and standing "climbs," with varying levels of resistance (there is a knob on the bike that changes the resistance you feel when you push the pedals -- it can get very very thick at times). 

Here are the reasons why I love spin: 

1) Great music!! Maybe it's just me, but the I think 99% of the reason I love my favorite spin instructors is because of the playlists they come up with.  I seem to never leave a spin class without a new song to add to my iPodizzle.  

2) You get to go at your own pace.  Because you control the speed at which you turn the pedals, and you also get to decide how much "resistance" to add, you can create your own level of intensity.  This is good for me on days where I'm feeling a little more tired, and also days where I want to whip my butt into gear.  The instructors always say "this is YOUR ride." 

3) Lots of goo burning. Spinning classes burn TONS of calories.  I used to wear a heart rate monitor, and I never left the studio less than 500 calories lighter.  The truth is in the sweat.

4) Focus on the booty & thighs.  I have a very pear-shaped figure, so I need all the help I can get in these areas.  Spin class targets the butt & thighs, while simultaneously working on your core.  What more could you really want?! I always leave there with my buns-a-burning! ;)  

5) The time flies. I always get bored as h-e-double-hockey sticks if I spend more than 40 minutes on the treadmill or stairmaster, no matter how much Britney flows in through my ear buds.  Spin classes seem to fly by -- maybe it's because of the interval design, or maybe it's the music, but I rarely find myself looking at the clock.  I think spin classes are one of the easiest ways to get through an hour-long sweat sesh without counting down the seconds. 

If you're interested in giving Spin a try, check out your gym's exercise class schedule, as most facilities offer Spin as an option.  If you don't belong to a gym or your gym doesn't offer it, see if you can get a daily rate @ another facility that does have it! 

We are about to move, so I will have to say goodbye to my favorite Spin teachers.  Thankfully my current gym does have a branch near our new place, so I will just have to make some new biker friends! :) 

Off to day 2 of bar prep! 

Have a happy & healthy day, guys & girls!




  1. I love spin as well, it really is a killer workout! :) I haven't been in a while because I can't stand to workout inside when the weather is so beautiful and sunny :)

    Best wishes with your bar prep, I can only imagine how much information you're required to learn but I know you'll do awesome! :)

  2. I do love a good workout outside in the sunshine! :)

    Thanks so much for the well wishes!! It's gonna be a tough couple of months, but I know it's gonna fly by!! :)

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