Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Work in Progress

Hello, everyone!

Happy, happy Sunday! :)

I am SO SORRY that I missed a few days of blogging.  Things have been a moving frenzie here.

Packing felt like I procrastinated studying for a big test and spent 2 days cramming for it.  The actual move took more out of my body than I even knew I had.

We ended up doing about 75 percent of the work ourselves.  We rented a uhaul and ever so thankfully had Justin's dad in town for about 2.5 hours to pack up the truck with the heaviest items, and the rest was on the two of us.

Great news...

We did not kill each other yet!

We have been in great spirits, so excited to be in our new place, and so happy that we moved on a Friday before a long weekend, with tons of time to unpack and get settled.

Thinking back on it, I realized I've never moved on my own before.  I've always been super fortunate to have lots of people helping me out, and I haven't had to so much as lift a dresser throughout my years of moving.

This time, that was not the case.  I was doing things left and right I didn't know I could do -- lifting our flat screen t.v., couches, dresser, you name it.  It is times like these that I remember that I work out not just to look good, but also to gain the strength and stamina to take on strenuous activities like this weekend's move.

The place is finally coming together, and Justin & I are walking around with big smiles on our faces.  I told him I feel like we live in a palace now, because we have so much space and the place is so beautiful.  I get excited that I can now choose which bathroom to use, I have 2 closets all to myself, and I can say things like "oh, it's in the second bedroom."

Another thing I'm excited about:

Morning coffee on our balcony! :)

Our patio furniture fits perfectly on the balcony.  I am so excited to have our first bbq out there.

Here's a little sneak peak at the place:

Where the magic happens! ;):

And the master bedroom (still needs some pictures & such, but at least we have a bed, people!):

As far as the food situation goes, I'd give myself about C+ to a B- right now.

I took my own advice by making sure to have oatmeal, some yogurts, a little fruit, some peanut butter & jelly, and some sandwich thins on hand.  This selection was good enough for some breakfast, snacks, and a light lunch, but I must say, I've been starving the whole time we've been here.  I am really craving a big salad with some chicken, and a home cooked dinner.

On that note, we are off to brave the weather (some insane storms rolling through the area) to go to the grocery store & Costco (aka free sample heaven!) to pick up some essentials and something to make for dinner tonight.  A bbq was on the agenda, but we will see if the weather decides to cooperate.

Hope you all are having a very nice long weekend!

See ya back here tomorrow :)




  1. yey for a successful move! Congrats on doing so much yourself, even though I feel pretty strong I always get nervous lifting big furniture!

    It looks wonderful and I totally know what you mean re the second bedroom. I'm really hoping we can snag a 2 bedroom when we next move.

    I hope you get a good meal and a well deserved nights sleep! :)

  2. Thanks, Jenny!! :) Having the 2nd bedroom is what I'm most excited about right now -- going to turn it into my study zone over the next couple of months! :) Hope you're having a great long weekend!