Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brand Snob

Good morning sunshines!

How are ya'll doing this beautiful Sunny (well, here @ least!) Sunday morning?

I told myself I was going to "sleep in" today to catch up on some sleep from the week.  I was instantly awake by 7:30.

Frown face.

I guess 7:30 is technically sleeping in when you woke up around 5 for the majority of the week, right??

Anyway, I wanted to jet off to the gym this morning before starting my studies, but my stomach was screaming "Feed me! Feed me now!"

To avoid starting my day off as a huge grumpy pants (don't mess with me when I'm hungry), I made a bee-line to the kitchen for a little bowl of sumthin.

I realized I had the remnants of this treasure:

{Sorry for the blurry pic, I didn't get my go-go juice yet}

That's Cascadian Farm's Dark Chocolate Almond granola.  Nuff said.  This stuff is the j.a.m. 

A little voice in my head was telling me, "Yogurt booowwl!!!"

Not one to ignore that little voice, I reached for my favorite 0% Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

Just then, I looked to the left, and saw these other Greek yogurts we picked up on a whim based on a 10 for $10 special.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about trying this yogurt.  I have tried a bunch of other Greek yogurts, most of them being somewhat pricey, and I can't seem to top Chobani.

I really couldn't ignore the 50 cent difference in price last night, so I told Justin we could grab "a few" just in case they majorly sucked.

I whipped up my bowl of goodness:

{What you're supposed to put yogurt in a yogurt bowl??}.

I like to do up the berries big time on the weekends for the added antioxidants since my eating is usually a little less than stellar on the Sats & the Suns.

The yogurt was in there, and I had very low expectations.

To my surprise & delight, it wasn't half bad.

I had the vanilla flavor, and while it was slightly less creamy & majorly kicked up on the sweetness, it was pretty durn good.  I did run and check the sugar content, which was about 5 grams higher than my favorite Chobani.

Based on that tid bit, I think the Dannon Greek yogurt would be a good option for someone who is thinking about trying Greek yogurt for the first time.

I probs wouldn't eat it every day though, because of the higher sugar content, mmmkkk? ;)

My cynicism about the yogurt got me to thinking about other name-brand kitchen items I am particularly "snobby" about, and refuse to substitute out for generic/or a deal.

{I do realize that Dannon is not a generic brand (thankyoubusinessdegree)}.

Here are some of the brands I just can't part with, even if it means I am missing out on saving a buck or two.

1) First and foremost --> Heinz ketchup.

{eeek -- sorry again for the blurr}

While is always a huge variety of generic ketchup on the shelf just screaming at me with their "2 for $2" deals, I just can't sub out my Heinz.

I am purely convinced that no other ketchup tastes the same, and I am not willing to sacrifice when it comes to my favorite condiment.

I will say, however, that I recently tried the Trader Joe's ketchup, and my taste buds were pleasantly confused.

2) Staying on the condiments -- salad dressings:

I have my 2 favorites, and no other brands/generics can stand up to them.

Ranch dressing is another big one.

There is nothing that will make me turn green in the face and gagging quicker than a narsty fat free ranch dressing. BLECH.

After years of trial and error, I am convinced that Hidden Valley Light is where it's at when it comes to ranch.

Newman's Own Balsamic Dressings -- once you go Newman's, you'll never go back.

3) My beloved Peanut Butter (yes, Peanut Butter is holy, so it should be capitalized, silly):

Jif Natural is one of the priciest P to the B's on the shelf, but I can't cheat on it.

{Do they even make generic Peanut Butter, by the way??}.

4. Food storage products:

Seriously, nothing brings me more joy than the sound of a Ziploc bag locking. Totally worth the extra dollar.

This is another biggy: name-brand Saran wrap.

I really thought I was being fooled with "saran wraps," because they never FREAKING stick to the containers!! It drove me NUTS! That is when someone told me you absolutely have to buy the name brand stuff.

Works like a charm.

I don't feel too terrible that I'm such a stickler about these products, because most other kitchen products are fair game when it comes to substitution (canned goods, meats, cheeses, spices, cleaning products, you name it!).

Welp, I'm off to tackle my to do list.

I need to A) work out, B) study, C) buy a desk for our second bedroom (this HAS to happen today, no if, ands, or buts!!), and D) watch the first part of the OC housewives reunion (!!).

Can you tell which of these things I am most looking forward to? ;)

**Something to talk about: Do you agree with me on any of the above products? What brands are you "snobby" about?! 

Have a happy & healthy Sunday!




  1. mmm although I don't eat granola too much anymore I do love the Cascadian Farms brand!

    I have to say generally I'm not too much of a brand snob because I'm *trying* to spend less on groceries so I usually just get TJ's brand whenever possible :) (Note the word trying and not succeeding!)

    Hope you're having a great day! :)

  2. These are fun to read when I have a minute while Mya is down. I totally agree with the Heinz ketchup and JIF, those are a must! I'm so jealous of your workouts! (Way to go!!) I'll get around to those one day when I find a babysitter.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more on these brands! I did try that yogurt as well, it was good, but there's something about the Chobani that is just better! But your yogurt bowl looked amazing!