Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy hump day folks!

I hope you are enjoying your day! :)

We are without power after an insane thunderstorm last night, so, as you can imagine, things have been a little off-the-rocker today.

Since today is Wednesday, I thought I'd do my first WIAW --> aka "What I Ate Wednesday."

Let's start with my pre-workout snack.

On the way to the gym this morning, I scarfed down half of a chocolate peanut butter Zone bar:

I find that just 1/2 of one of these bars really fuels me up for a good workout.

A whole one would definitely be too much pre-sweat -- nothing is worse than running with a rock in the tummy.

Today's workout was a quick one, but it was power-packed and satisfying!

First, I tackled a pyramid workout I found over @ I'm an Okie.

The set went like this (on the treadmill, obvi):

A very sweaty 20 minutes! I did last week's Summer Shape Up circuit from Fitnessista, since I only got through it once last week.

So far it was all so good, until it was time to shower.

{I have never been so happy to have a gym membership.  Justin & I were both able to shower with the lights on @ our gym this morning following our workouts.}

I had put together a separate bag of my shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion, and I also had full intention to grab my flip flops to wear in the shower, but I forgot BOTH at home!

AHHHH!!! Foot fungaassss!!!

Thankfully, Justin gave me his shampoo, and I was able to hop in the shower right after one of the cleaning ladies threw down a bunch of cleaner on the floor.

I was probably high off of the chemicals, but at least I'm not growing anything funky on my tootsies.

For breakfast, I had a little bowl of Cascadian Farms dark chocolate almond granola + almond milk + fresh mango:

I ate this on the way to class, which was pretty difficult considering I drove downtown today.

It miraculously all ended up in my mouth and not down my shirt.

Mid-way through class, my stomach was growling, and since I didn't have my morning cup of Joe yet, I figured it was time for an emergency Starbuck's run.

I picked up an americano + soy milk topper, and some delicious nuts (I'm not even going to go there!!):

I am really loving these individually packaged nut combos from the bux.

They're much more interesting than a ziplock baggie of plain-ole-almonds.

After class, I was stuck in traffic fooreeeevvvvvveerrrrr.


All of the stop lights are out because of the storm, so cars are backed up all over. My stomach was more than ready for lunch, so I munched on the remaining half of my Zone bar to tie me over.

I got home, hoping to see the light, but no such luck.  At least the no-power situation forced me to eat my lunch without distraction, something I don't think I've done in a long time.

I packed up a salad last night, with spring mix + corn + broccoli (leftover from last nights dinner) + chopped red pepper + light balsamic.

To add a little protein, I called in a stud muffin to help...

Oh wait, not that stud muffin!

One of these guys:

I made these interesting meatloaf "muffins" for dinner last night, and, I have to say, they were really really good! I will post the recipe for you guys soon!

I crumbled up one of the "muffins" on top of my salad, and paired it up with a side of hummus + Stacy's chips.

Yum to the eeeee.

I'm telling you, whenever I see Stacy's chips in our cabinet, I just can't pass them up.

That Stacy is a real witch!

That's been it so far today, but I'm starting to crave either dinner or a snack, so who knows what I'll get into! :) I think we may be eating out seeing how we don't have a working stove and I'm pretty sure everything in our fridge may now be on it's way out.

If the power gods love us, I will see you guys back later tonight to finish my first WIAW.

**Something to talk about: Your turn!! Give me a mini-WIAW! What did you eat today?? Do you like the idea of a WIAW, or is it more like TMI?? I'd love to hear from you! :) 



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