Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Hi guys!

So what do you want first, the bad news, or the good news??

Let's start with the good news first.

There are less than 3 weeks until the Bar exam.

Which means, pretty soon, I will be enjoying this:

With a fruity cocktail in hand, of course.

And the bad news?

There are less than 3 weeks until the Bar exam.

Which means, right now, I am feeling a little like this:

But really, I can't even watch one of my favorite TV shows without thinking about the things I have been cramming in my head all day.

The new season of Flipping Out (my FAV!) started tonight on Bravo, and all I could think about was whether one of Jeff's (the main character - he's an interior designer/former house flipper) clients could sue him for damages because he was late on finishing her remodel project.

Saaaaave me!!

Anyway, let's get back to business.

I'm super sorry I missed you guys yesterday!

I hope you all will just bear with me through the next few weeks as I TCB (take care of business), and then things on BEBT will get back to normal.

What's in it for you?

Well...for one, when this nightmare is over, I will be extra chipper (I know you're excited about that!), and, for two, I will have lots of fun vacation posts with pretty pictures, and, for three, I might even have a GIVEAWAY (free stuff, yay!).

Sound like a deal?? Okay, great! Woo hoo! :)

Since they say it's Wednesday (happy hump day, ya'll!), I think it's time for a little WIAW!

As a testament to how busy I have been, this is how my breakfast has looked for the past 2 days:

Oats in a cup!! Which, is actually from a you stay classy! :)

{Cinnamon Roll Oat Fit + 2/3 cup almond milk + 1/2 tbsp Chia Seeds (cramming in those Omega-3s) + 1 tbsp Blizzard Butter (white chocolate peanut butter I learned about over on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, which is, amazeballs!) + straaawwberries, topped off with a tinnie tiny handful of my favorite granola (see below), because, hey, I deserve it!}

Eaten as I definitely drove the speed limit raced to the train this morning.  Mmm mmm good.

There was obviously also 2 LARGE cups some coffee involved.  Needs my go-go juice.

Since my brain's been a little scat scat, I forgot to take a picture of my mid-morning snack, but it went a little like this:

= best snackage ever. 

The only thing getting me through the morning half (that's right, we've had FULL days the past 2 days) of my Barbri lecture, was this treasure waiting for me: 

You can't see it all, but here's the break-break down...

Spring mix + roasted corn (dinner leftover) + roasted broccoli (dinner leftover) + red pepper + shredded BBQ chicken (not pictured, I threw it on after) + fresh basil + balsamic dressing. 

A match made in veggie heaven! :)  I seriously LOVE using seasoned-up veggies leftover from dinner in my salad at lunch.  

I also had a side of these delicious thangs:

Cause you just gotta have something carby & crunchy sometimes. 

And then...there was this:  

{Oh yeah, lots, and LOTS, of that.} 

Something bad happened.

I found out that they sell my favorite white fudge Flipz at the train station.

Ruuuttt rooooo.  

You guys know I can NEVER pass up the Flipz.  The sweet, the salty, I just can't get enough (boy I think about it every niiiigggght...and dayyy...and yes, I may or may not be losing my mind). 

And then there was dinner, another leftover lover:

Leftover BBQ meatloaf + roasted broccoli & cauliflower + leftover sweet potato fries (Alexia's, you gotta try them!). 

I hope my Bar exam performance is half as good as my eating performance tonight, because I nearly cleaned that plate. Wowzers. 

After dinner, while I recited contracts in my brain enjoyed some couch time with Jeff Lewis, I sipped on a cup of my favorite tea (it's decaf, don't worry!):

This stuff is so so good!! I think I've said it before, but it reminds me of the tea they have at the Aveda stores.  Very comforting, relaxing, and healthy. 

And on that note, I am sufficiently relaxed and more than ready to crawl into my cozy bed. 

See you guys tomorrow (any post requests??)!



P.S. I updated my workout log.  It seems to be lacking some...variety. Time to switch things up tomorrow, who knows what I will get into! ;) 


  1. mmmmm...Flipz!! I hear they help retain information during study sessions ;) You're in the home stretch!!

  2. Yay you are almost there! you can do it :)

  3. Hi love! You are in the final stretch! Im wishing you good luck!!!

    Ok the fro-yo place was a walk from the Westin Maui which is where we stayed, but there are 2 locations I believe in Maui, just go to yogurtlands site, and you can find the exact addresse's on there!!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Katie! :) We will definitely be hitting up some froyo!