Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIAW Breakfast & Fall Country Playlist

Good morning, friends!

Happy hump day! :) How are you all doing this Wednesday morning?

I'm doing just peachy over here. 

I set my alarm for 5:00AM so that I could get up and head to the gym, but guess what??

In the epic battle of warm cozy bed vs. the gym, cozy bed won this morning.


Here's to hoping I can squeeze something in tonight before X Factor.

I thought I'd pop in first to get WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) started.

Here's the spread:

Honeydew, bowl of my favorite almond & dark chocolate granola (Cascadian Farms) + almond milk + raspberries, water, and, of course, coffee. 

Beautiful flowers courtesy of Justin's parents, Jack & Sherri! :)

I LOVE using my IU mug at work.  Makes me really miss Bloomington.

By the way, I'm sure you're all shocked not to see a bowl of oats on my desk. 

I am too. 

What's the quickest way to get me to change up my breakfast routine?  Get me to forget my packet of oatmeal at home in the morning! Whoops. 

I have been really loading up on the fruits and veggies this week. 

I feel like the junk in my trunk has been steadily increasing since I got back from Hawaii.  I have been struggling to squeeze in gym sessions and trying to balance lots of celebrations with friends. 

So, I've been steadily bringing back in lots of salads with chicken for lunches and adding more and more fruits and veggies to balance out the taco dip & pizza on the weekends. 

With gym sessions being few and far between lately, my iPhone has been playing a lot less Britney, and a lot more...COUNTRY! :)

I love listening to country music just about any time, but I particularly enjoy it in the fall for some reason!

I finally set up a little iPod dock in my office, so I've been plugging in my phone and listening quietly to all of the amazing new country that keeps popping up on the radio.

I thought I'd go ahead and share a list of my new favorites, for all of you fellow country lovers out there! :)

Jessica's Fall Country Playlist

1) I Don't Want This Night to End, Luke Bryan
2) Friday Night, Lady Antebellum
3) God Gave Me You, Blake Shelton
4) Fish, Craig Campbell
5) A Woman Like You, Lee Brice
6) Keep Me in Mind, Zac Brown Band
7) Remind Me (Duet with Carrie Underwood), Brad Paisley {not really new, but I just started liking it!}
8) Singing Me Home, Lady Antebellum
9) She's a Wildflower, Lauren Alaina
10) Tattoos On This Town, Jason Aldean
11) Amen, Edens Edge

All of these are available for purchase on iTunes right now!

I will create a link to this list and add it when I get home tonight in case some of you want to go ahead and buy the whole list directly.

**Something to talk about: What's your new favorite country song???

I hope you all have a fantastic morning! :)




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