Saturday, January 21, 2012

20 Facts About Me

Hey hey, it's Saturday!

Good morning, everyone! :)

I hope you all got to sleep in a little this morning.

I did, and I'm currently enjoying my coffee in bed (one of my favorite things to do) while pondering what I want to do all day!

We got a TON of snow yesterday, which put a little damper on any Friday night plans, so Justin & I enjoyed one of my healthy(ish) pizzas, followed by me polishing off this guy...

It took me at least 3 sittings, so I'm considering that a victory, mmkkay?

We also watched some History Channel shows (American Pickers & American Restoration) and some crazy show about the "Alaskan Triangle"??

I guess it's kind of like the Bermuda Triangle?? Who knows!

Anyway, today I have decided to do a little survey I found over on Tina's blog, which I have been loving for a long time now (happy 2 year blogiversary, Tina!!)

I am still working up to an "About Me" page, which I am hoping to have done soon.

For now, here are 20 facts about me :)

(photo by the amazing Just Love Me Photography + Design)

1) What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday?
An ideal Saturday for me would be to wake up whenever I feel like it, have coffee in bed catching up on some blogs, and then head out the door for a great workout.  After that, I'd say anything from having lunch with a friend or going shopping, then having a date night somewhere out with Justin.  Favorite date nights for me would be dinner @ any Mexican restaurant (I'm hooked), a tasting @ Lynfred Winery, or on a fancier night, dinner @ Geja's Cafe.  I would also love to start going to see more shows downtown at some point - I miss my musicals! 

2) List your top three favorite TV shows.
Oh boy, this might be a little embarrassing, and I'm not going to just choose 3, sorry!  
1) All of the Real Housewives series + Bethenny Ever After (starts again in February, wahoo).
2) Dateline on NBC, when Keith Morrison does them. 
3) Guiliana & Bill :) 
4) Competition singing shows (X Factor & American Idol). 
5) 60 minutes when there is interesting (to me) subject matter. 
6) Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives.  
7) Say Yes to the Dress (duh!). 
8) History Channel shows (Pawn Stars, American Pickers, etc.)

A show I miss is Live with Regis & Kelly (well, I guess it's just Kelly now!).  I used to love watching that in the morning, but now I can never catch it.

3) Would you rather be in pictures or take them?
I think I like being in pictures, but I also like to be in control (if it's a bad one, getting to say "let's take another!").  So, I'd say I'd rather be in pictures, so long as it's my own camera :) 

4) Why do you blog?
I would consider blogging to be a hobby for me.  I really enjoy writing, and it's a perfect way for me to share my interests and also to keep friends/family up to date on what is going on in my life.  I also really love the healthy living blog community, and I enjoy contributing to it. As my interests turned towards health/wellness and I didn't feel know who exactly to share my thoughts with in my every day life, this became an "outlet," and I love it :) 

5) Share five websites that you visit regularly… 
I found Peanut Butter Fingers when Julie did a guest post on, and I was instantly in love with the blog.  It is now my favorite! :)
Fitnessista was the first blog I ever started reading, and I am loving it even more now that Gina has added the "Family" page.
Umm, just a little obsessed with Katie's blog.  She is so upbeat and has such a great perspective on life.  There have been so many mornings where I am feeling down & just reading her blog can completely turn that around for me - so much positive energy. 
Although I don't often buy from this site (at least not yet!), I enjoy seeing what they have to offer.  I did recently find some treasures, including this skirt and a Monique Lhuillier crystal ring holder I have been looking at forever (got it for HALF price yesterday, score!).
The best resource ever for wedding planning, home decorating, and entertaining. I'm a huge fan.

And, of course... &
I'd just be lying if I said I didn't spend some time on these every night.

6) If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list who would it be?
Definitely Julie from, but only if my best friend Ashley could come along.  We are convinced us three would be instant best friends :) 

7) List a few of your favorite snacks.
Apples + String Cheese
My favorite bars
Veggies + Hummus 
Fiber One brownies + a cup of tea (Tazo Refresh is my fav!) 
Chips + Salsa 

8) Do you have a pet? If so, what kind?
Not yet, but we have been talking about getting  dog for YEARS.  Once we have a house with a yard, you better believe you will be seeing a puppy on here shortly thereafter :) For now, I like to hang with my adopted pets, Justin's parents' dogs Scrappy & Lucy, and my mom's dog Rosie. 

(scrap dap-a-doo)

9) Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without?
My iPhone & iPod. 
My car, even though I don't drive it as often as I used to. 
Make-up...I don't wear a ton, but it would be hard, for me, to live without it. 
(One of my biggest fears is that I will travel somewhere and lose/forget my makeup bag. Ah!!!)

10) What’s your favorite drink?
Water with lemon or sparkling water. 
Coffee & tea. 
For a drink-drink...Red Wine :) 

11) Do you enjoy cooking?
Umm...duh :)  I LOVE cooking! I find it incredibly relaxing and therapeutic for some reason. 

12) Do you have children?
Not right now and probably not for a while, but I am very excited to have a child some day :) 

13) What are your favorite hobbies?
Blogging :) 
Working Out - all kinds. 
Cooking (is that a hobby?)
Music & Singing (especially to myself in the car)
Wine Club (yeah, this is a hobby, okay?)

14) Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?
That depends! In general I am outgoing & very friendly, but in certain situations I can be shy.  Put me in a room full of strangers and I get a little uncomfortable.  I also definitely need my alone time. But, generally, I would say outgoing. 

15) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
I wouldn't change myself - I enjoy being who I am, and it would be hard for me to act like anyone/anything else. 

16) Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Jennifer Aniston! :) 

17) What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?
Found our officiant!! & sent out our Save the Dates for our wedding! Lots of good workouts with Justin, too. 

18) Do you live near your family or far from them?
My mom lives in Michigan, my brother lives in Seattle, and my dad lives in Beijing - so I'd say way too far from my own family.  However, my mom comes to visit a lot (she's coming next week!), which is always the best.  Justin's family is only about 2 hours away, and his sister (my soon-to-be sis-in-law) is starting college super close to us next week, which we are both really excited about! 

19) List three of your talents.
1) I'd like to think writing is a talent of mine, at least I enjoy it a lot :) 
2) Singing & making up silly new words for songs... 
3) School? Idk, I got through a LOT of school, so I'll put that down. 

(awkward photo of the year winner)

20) What is your greatest attribute?

I'd like to think my greatest attribute is having a positive attitude and a good overall perspective on life. 

Life is too short to be anything but happy :)

Wow, that was fun, now wasn't it?!

Something to talk about: 1) Pick two questions above and answer them for yourself in the comments section.  Okay? Go!! 2) Did you like that little exercise? Do you think I should open up a "q&a" type post like many other bloggers have done?

Alrighty folks, no workout for me today because today is a "rest day" (I did update my workout log on the Sweat Seshes page).

I think I'm off to shower & run some errands...I'm considering heading to Macy's to do some "pre-registering" today, aka browsing so I don't bore Justin to death when we go do the full registry in a couple of weeks.

I'm hoping to get a wedding update post up this weekend, so keep checking back! :)

Have a happy & healthy day,




      1. Love this Jess! You are the cutest!!!!!

        1. YOU are the cutest Lauren!! :) :) Hope you're having a great weekend in the SNOW!

      2. i love the picture of scrappy! justin told me to put her in my bag when i was moving haha

        I got a bunch of crappy snacks for my dorm room, once they are gone (haha) i will need your help getting on my healthy track :)

        love you!!!

        1. Love you Tay!! :) Let me know what you think of those bars when you've tried them all!

      3. Jess- I love your blog!!! And tune in from time to time.... Hope all Is well :-)

        1. Thanks, Sam!! :) :) So excited you've been reading! Hope all is well with you too! xoxo