Thursday, February 2, 2012

Save the Date Reveal

Well, I think I've left you guys hanging on this one for just about long enough! 

I'm *pretty sure* that all of our save the dates are out, or I at least hope any that haven't been delivered aren't going to people that read the blog. 

Fingers crossed! 

So, remember how I told you guys that I did a lot of looking around on the Internet for source of inspiration for our save the dates? 

Well, I happened to stumble across one design that really caught my eye. 

I loved the simplicity of this card, and when I saw it, something just kind of clicked. 

There has been one trend going on in a lot of my wedding board "pins"...

Clearly, I have been LOVING the mason jars! 

I'm hoping to use all sorts of mason jars (different colors, different sizes) throughout our wedding for flower vases, candles, etc. 

I have already been stashing some of my own jars, and I put out the call to family to "save the jars!"

I love the rustic feel to mason jars, and I think bringing our own design pieces to the table will help save some $$ for an extra pina colada (or insert large number two) on our honeymoon. 

So, when I found an idea for incorporating a mason jar into our save the dates, it only felt appropriate. 

I also loved the look of the shimmer coming out of the jar.  

Obviously it reminded me of fireflies, which I used to catch as a little girl.

I know fireflies are more of a summer thing, and we are getting married in the fall, but there was something kind of magical about the design to me, and I just loved it

Yep, I'm officially a dork :) 

I sent the design inspiration over to Jessi at Just Invite Me, and she was able to come up with the most amazing save the dates, using the image I found, and some of our favorite engagement pictures. 

Design by Jessi Cabanin of Just Invite Me

Jessi even came up with the COOLEST front and back address printing for the envelopes.  

Design by Jessi Cabanin of Just Invite Me

I edited out the actual addresses for safety reasons, but I think you get the gist. 

Pretty neato :) 

Once the cards were printed, I sent over a huge excel spreadsheet to Jessi, and she did all the address printing for us and sent out the save the dates to all of our guests. 

I could have been ambitious and took the project on myself, but you know, sometimes you just gotta be realistic.  

I'm a very busy girl these days, and it was so worth it to delegate this task to a true professional. 

I could not be happier with the way our save the dates turned out.  We have our own copy on our fridge, and I know we will certainly be cherishing it for many years to come. 



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