Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Blank) of the Day

Hi there!

Happy hump day :)

Wow, just when I was complaining about cold weather, Spring decided to grace us with its presence in Chicago.

It was downright balmy in chicity yesterday, and it looks like we are setting up for the same deal today.


Another happy point?

It is now full-on DAYLIGHT when Justin & I leave the gym in the morning!

It seriously makes me instantly 10 times happier.

Another thing that makes me happy?

Dinner for tonight is in the Crock Pot, cookin' away! :)

Workout and dinner done by 7AM? I'd say that's pretty darn good.

I just have a couple of quick things for you guys today because I've got a train to catch!

1) Workout Move of the Day:

The "Spiderman Plank"

Directions: From a forearm plank, alternate bringing each knee up towards the elbow on the same side, then come back to plank position.  Do this 15 times on each side, for as many sets as you like.

One of my all time favorite ab-oblique moves! :)

2) Workout Jam of the Day

"Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood

This song will get you movin'!

I mean really (if you have an iPhone or iPod with music "art"), how can you not be motivated if you are staring at Carrie Underwood while working out - I would die for those legs!

3) Thought of the Day

YOU are in charge of your own happiness. 

That thought gets me through many a "blah" day. 

Hope you all have a fantastic hump day!

We are half-way there (ohhhhh livin' on a prayer....).




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