Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A New Morning Routine

Hi there! :)

Sorry I've been a little MIA over the past couple of days.

This is a super busy work week for me, and our mornings are in a bit of a transition over here.

On Monday, Justin and I started P90x - the "extreme home workout program."

Why, might you ask, have I decided to put myself through this torture??

Please ask me in 90 days, because right now, I'm only certain that I'm not so sure

{We are doing P90x, and no, it's not the "new" version - we're doing the old one because that's what we have and we didn't feel like paying for a new program/version right now...gotta save those dollas!!}

Justin bought the DVDs a couple of years ago and went almost all the way through the program (70ish days until he moved to Chicago), and the results were definitely clear - he was 100% ripped.

There is a "nutrition plan" that goes along with P90x, and he followed that pretty religiously at the time.

I have no plans to change my eating habits, because I think I've finally come to an equation that works for me in that area and I don't want to mess with the system.

And, let's face it, I'd be a cranky mess if my diet consisted mainly of grilled chicken and broccoli (I do love broccoli though).

The "diet" situation will be a struggle for us, because I'm getting the feeling Justin doesn't even want to look at a carb for the next 90 days - total carb-o-phobia, folks. 

I had to throw away half of his sweet potato last night and I was seriously mourning the loss.

Who throws away half of a delicious baked sweet potato?!?!? The horror! 

Really, I am doing program because Justin wanted to start it back up, and I would hate to give up on our morning workouts together.

Plus, you may not know this about me, but I am a huge sucker for a challenge.

I have gone somewhat blindly into a lot of challenges in my life ( school) - I peform so much better with a little fire lit under my booty ;) 

Some of things I am hoping to get out of the program:

1) More muscle definition in my stomach area (for the honeymoon bikinis, duh!).
2) Challenging myself in my workouts.
3) Variance in my daily exercise routine.
4) To be able to do at least 3 pull ups by the end.

That's right folks, in our "fit test," I could only do a whooping 1/4 of a pull up, and that was with some assistance from Justin.

Go ahead...judge me :(

I can do push up for days right now, which is an accomplishment for me, but pull ups have never been in my vocabulary.

I remember there was some gym class challenge in elementary school involving the pull up bar - and I wasn't even touching that.

Yep, P90x will continue to be a very humbling expereince for me.

Sunday night, we did our "fit test" and took our "before photos."

A sure sign you are comfortable around your partner?

Allowing them to take pictures of you in a bathing suit when you are not allowed to suck in.

On that note, this is not a weight loss thing for me, more of a tone up and maintain kind of thing leading into summer and our wedding.

{ Oh yeah, didya know, we're having a wedding! :) }

So, Sunday was printing out all of our materials:

{My Bar exam binders - so they're good luck ;)}

Then the fit test, which went well other than the pull-up fiasco.

And the before photos, which I may share at the end, if you all care to see the progress.

Monday was chest & back + abs, which is apparently what I need to work on for the pull ups.

It's no shocker that I was not excited for that day.

Yesterday was much more my style - Plyometrics.

That was a doozie - who knew we had that gem of a cardio workout collecting dust all along?!

And then today was shoulders + arms + more abs.

And with that, I now need to go eat about 20 bananas.

Maybe I'll just make some banana bread and call it a day.

Hope you all have a fantastic hump day!

You know, we're half-way thereeee.



P.S. Don't worry, this isn't going to become the "let me tell you every day about my P90x experience" blog.

I'm just filling you all in on what the game plan is.  We will continue on with the normal shenanigans, including lots of wedding sick of those yet? ;)

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  1. I've always wanted to try P90x! Can't wait to hear more about it and see your results! xo