Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Well hello there!

It has been far, far, FAR too long.

I know.

I knew it had been far too long when my now mother-in-law (yes, I am MARRIED!) could not even remember the name of my blog.

Sad face.

Where have I been?!

Why did I stop blogging?!

Is this blogging break going to be forever?!

All very valid questions you have there.

Trust me, I have been meaning to get back to my computer and type away for a long time now.

I think, partially, it has just been daunting thinking about all of the things I need to catch you guys up on.

If you know me personally, you probably have a basic idea about where I have been since March (yes, holy cow, March!). Thank you, Facebook :)

But for the rest of you, let's do a crash-course of the last 9 months of my life.

Where did we leave off??  

I ran that 5K.

{Marissa, Sarah, Me, & Mary Beth}

And it was a PR for me as far as pace goes. 

Don't be too impressed.  After that, I pretty much fell off the fitness wagon until after our wedding.  

Seriously, who STOPS working out before their wedding?

I did, however, stay very, very active...

...on the wedding circuit. 

We had Justin's friend Kara's wedding in May. 

Then some of our close friends, Kristen & Seth's wedding in June.

Then wine club went to Minnesota for our fellow wino - Jenna's - wedding. 

In between those amazing events, I had a beautiful shower back in my hometown of West Lafayette, Indiana thrown by my former neighbors.

{The gracious hosts, Ron & Josette}

{Me & my future groom in the garden}

I attended the bachelorette party of one of my very best friends - Megan (in the green, below) - in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

Then rounded out the summer with two additional, amazing wedding showers of my own. 

First, there was a very thoughtful day shower thrown by my very good friend, and bridesmaid, Christina at her new home. 

{Me & the beautiful hostess}

{Potted herb favors in Mason Jars, pinterest-worthy for sure}

And a beautiful event thrown by Justin's aunts in the Wine Cellar (ohhh yesss) of Villa Macri in Granger.

We were blessed by a tornado warning towards the end of that shower.  

Never a better time to be stuck in a basement...

...a wine-filled basement :) 

And then, my friend Megan was married. 

Megan is one of my oldest and closest friends - we became close at the beginning of high school when we managed the boys' varsity tennis team (I will spare you of a throwback pic, just can't do it after that gorgeous one above).  We've been through so much together - roommates freshman year of college at IU, roommates again when we first moved to Chicago, heartbreaks, shenanigans, celebrations, and now being all grown up and married.  It was a very special day to share with her, and I was so incredibly happy to be a part of it. 

Megan had about a two weeks to recover before it was time for my bachelorette party. 

We celebrated with a weekend in Southwest Michigan - winery hopping - it was an absolute blast and, in my opinion, a perfect way to send me out of singlehood. 

I was reminded why I do not take shots...especially tequila shots...

...multiple tequila shots. 

And I think I showed everyone that yes, I really do know how to let loose from time to time :) 

After that, it was a complete whirlwind until the arrival of our wedding weekend. 

{Rehearsal Dinner @ Papa Vino's - last night as Jessica Morrison} 

{Me & my beautiful MOH & bestest friend, Ashley}

{Me & my bridesmaids getting glam} 

{Happiest day of my life - 9/15/12} 

And, so now, we have come full circle. 

Hi, I'm Jessica Miller.  It's so nice to meet you! 

I am enjoying my days as a newly-married woman, back to my usual business of living life as a twenty-something attorney in Chicago...and striving to make it a happy, full, and healthy one. 

{At our breathtaking resort in Aruba for our honeymoon. back!}

{Us at the Notre Dame - they are going to the National Championship, I have a very happy husband} 

{One of my favorite weekend activities - wine tasting at Lynfred Winery} 

{Us at Thanksgiving - first holiday as "The Millers"} 

So, I know that this recap has been entirely too abbreviated and I will need to do some full recaps down the road.  

But, for now - consider yourself mostly caught up - and I can't wait to share the fun-filled adventures in the future with all of you! 

Have a wonderful Sunday evening, friends!

I am off to the grocery store to get some food for dinner, then home to prep for another week in the life.  

Who knows, maybe I'll see you tomorrow? ;)  



Something to talk about: What would you like to see more of in the future of BEBT? 

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