Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grocery Guide Round Dos

It's Sunday morning at the Miller household :)

Bacon is in the oven...

Dishwasher is running full of all of the dishes I didn't take care of yesterday.

It was a long day spent out in the sun, and I may or may not have been in bed by 8pm.

Full disclosure.

{yes, I am getting old!}

I'm on my second cup of (much needed) coffee, and I've had a little breakfast.  I am loving these cinnamon/vanilla seasonal English muffins, they're great with some of my favorite peanut butter.

Can you guess what I'm doing now?

Making my grocery guide!!

Last week I stuck pretty well to the plan.

Well...other than one impromptu happy hour date on Wednesday.

{his & hers beers + 1 very unhealthy, unpictured, and highly necessary appetizer} 

Which also means I didn't play tennis. 

In fact, I didn't get to the gym until FRIDAY, people.  What the what.   

{please send your motivation to Arlington Heights, Illinois...along with my old metabolism} 

I do have to say that I think the favorite meal of the week was the most simple. 

{grilled chicken Caesar salads}

I have a law degree, but I seriously have to respell the word C-A-E-S-A-R every single time I write it. 

I promise, for my next post, I will come up with something more interesting that does not involve grocery shopping :)

But, for today, here is this week's list...maybe it will give you some inspiration! 


Chicken Enchiladas {my recipe}

Make these...just do it.

They are amazing left over, and it gives you an excuse to have a margarita, or an ice cold Corona light (my fav!) with a lime, of course! :) 


Leftover enchiladas (see, I told you!)
Some sort of veggie. 


Buffalo Turkey Qunioa Bowls (recipe to come, it's a goodie!)


"Hot Dogs" on the grill (I buy the all beef polish sausages, we are big fans!)
Side Caesar Salads 


Leftovers or Date Night (I'm hoping the latter, because it sounds a heck of a lot more fun!) 


My choice!

I will be having a single night :) Justin has a big bachelor party to attend.  I'm thinking maybe Chipotle or grabbing hot bar from Whole Foods.

Probably catching up on DVR or finding a chick-flick on demand.

Sounds pretty amazing to me!!

Well there you have it, friends! 

Let me know if you make the Enchiladas this week, they're to die for!




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