Monday, March 21, 2011

Hitting the Pavement

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

I got to see my best friend & favorite workout buddy...

We had a blast with her & her fiancĂ© this weekend and were very sad to see them go. 

You might remember me talking about how they are training for their first full marathon.  Their training is almost done and the race is coming right up -- I know they're going to kick some may-jah booty!

Talking to them about their training really gave us the bug to go out and run another race.

After some looking around, I found a 1/2 marathon in the area this coming June and it looks like we are in! 

13.1 miles round 2 here we come!! :-) 

We're starting a 12-week training program TODAY -- the timing really works out perfectly. 

This time, we're going to try an intermediate training program, incorporating "speed" work to help us hopefully beat our previous times.  If any of you are curious about the program, you can find it here. We are going to"shift" the schedule a little so we don't have 2 runs on the weekends because those can be kind of difficult to squeeze in. 

I'm going to keep up the barre classes, using them as my strength & stretching part of the training.  Barre classes are great for runners because they incorporate tons of stretching, including IT band stretches.

During our training for the race we ran last October, I had a lot of problems with my IT band on my left knee.  It was so painful and I was really worried it was going to hold me back.  I bought a foam roller and started rolling out on it, which helped a lot. 

Ask me again in a few weeks, but right now I'm pretty excited because the weather is finally looking up, I will hopefully get some remnants of a tan from spending the extra time outside, and it will whip me into summer shape for...

Bikini I plan to live in on my post-Bar exam trip!!!! Cha-chinggg :) And no, I do not expect to look like that, I'm not delusional.  Just excited to tone it all up so I can enjoy a few extra pina coladas.  Priorities, people!

You guys can get excited too, especially if you like to run outside, because I will probably be posting quite a few running party playlists.  I know, you're jumping up and down, right?! 

I'll be back later today for your daily dose of happiness, so stay tuned...




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