Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Add in a Plié

Happy hump day, friends!! :)

Who started off their day with a rise & shine workout??

I didn't get many takers yesterday, so I'm going to assume that you all either: 1) think I'm crazy (you may have a point), 2) are just being shy, or 3) are already doing the morning workout thang, so you don't need a challenge!

If you want, you can always hop on board at a later date (Justin did tell me something like this should really start on a Monday) or do your own version of the challenge.  Keep me posted on how it's going, I always love to hear from you guys!

I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I almost wimped out today, on the FIRST day of the challenge.

Ay yii yiii. 

I blame the snooze button (or BarBri).

Thankfully, Justin was feelin' it this morning, and coaxed me out of bed.

We left @ about 5:30ish, and made the short drive over to our new gym to get in our workouts.

I did a very quick 15 minutes on the StairMaster before tackling some circuit training.  I decided to be creative, and break out this Summer Shape Up workout I found over on Fitnessista.

Next time, I'm gonna make sure to watch the little videos for the moves before I get to the gym, because I wasted a lot of time waiting on YouTube, and probably looked a little rediculous staring at my iPhone in one hand, with my iPod in the other.

The moves in the circuit got me to thinking about a recent "discovery" of mine.  Ok, ok, it's not "my" discovery, and I bet a ton of you have already been doing it forever.

I used to have a casual weight routine I would play on repeat when it came to my arms.  I'd do some bicep curls, some lateral raises, a little shoulder press, and work in some triceps.  I am not kidding when I say I probably did this little number for about 7 years.

Then, I had an epiphany while taking my first ever Barre class.  Why not stand in a position that will work my legs & seat (aka da bootay) while I work on my arms?!  So genius!

My friends, allow me to introduce you to: the plie squat:

{She isn't kidding with those abs!}

You should squat even lower if you're feeling ambitious, but I have been told to make sure not to let my knees go outwards past my toes in squats (this helps to protect from knee damage). 

You can either start in a second position plie squat as shown above, and stay there (seat tucked under, tummy in tight) while you do your arm moves, or if you're antsy just sitting there while you pump your iron, you can get a little fancy dancie with these ideas:

Bicep Curl & Plie Squat Combo (courtesy of the one & only Fitnessista).

Plie Squat + Lateral Raise (a SkinnyJeans workout!) {this one made me chuckle a little bit...}

Plie Squat with Alternating Should Press {...but this one takes the cake! I think you should train the entire"being'" heheh}

You might look a little goofy all spread eagle next to the serious iron-pumpers, but hey -- no pain, no gain! ;)

Just make sure to watch the videos before you get to the gym, so you don't look like a total goob like I did today.

Add this move into your strength training arsenal, and you've got thighs, booty, abs, arms, and even sometimes shoulders, all in one! Packin' the punch.

I'm off for a little more studying & a date with Mr. Haagen...

:) :) :)!!!!

**Something to talk about: Tell me about your morning workout today! Do you have any go-to total body moves?? 

See you all tomorrow!




  1. I am so sorry that I missed seeing the workout challenge before! Well except for today when I did an afternoon workout I am usually all about the early or mid morning workouts. It puts me in such a better mood for the day and boosts my productivity. Consider me in!

    Today I just did a moderate elliptical workout because I had run for 5 days in a row (with a little strength training mixed in)

    Great idea! :)

  2. Happy Friday!

    Mmmmmm that ice cream looks good!

    I told my fiance that the only men I would ever cheat on him with is Ben and Jerry's ! haha! Love their ice cream !

  3. Yay, Jenny!! Welcome aboard! :) Major congrats on 5 days of running in a row -- that is seriously incredible!!

    Katie: I was standing in front of the grocery store freezer for literallly 10 minutes debating between the Haagen Das & Ben & Jerry's. I LOVE Ben & Jerry's!! Especially the FroYo Cherry Garcia!