Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7-Week Rise & Shine Challenge

Why hello there! :)

How is your Tuesday going?! 

Mine is pretty peachy so far, just about to get to studying in a big comfy chair with a cup of coffee and two puppies.  Yup, that's right, we doggie-napped again! They're here until Thursday.  Woot woot. 

Today, I woke up at about the crack of dawn (a little after 5am), to finally get in a morning work out. 

I told myself all along that while I studied for the bar exam, I was going to work out in the morning before class, so I would be able to come straight home for lunch & get to the books.  

I'm not sure if it's the comfort of the new environment, exhaustion from all of the studying, or just sheer laziness, but I haven't done it once yet in the 2 weeks I've been studying.   That is, until TODAY! :) 

Last night I told myself: no more monkey business

I prepped both of our lunches last night, got the coffee all ready to go, and forced myself to climb into bed at a fairly decent time (about 10:30PM, probs could have been earlier). 

When my alarm went off this morning, instead of pushing snooze, I grumbled to myself sprung out of bed & into my gym clothes, grabbed half of a granola bar, and headed to the gym. 

I was a little sleepy on the ride there, so I made sure to turn up the country and keep my eye on the prize. 

At the gym, I conquered on of my quick favorites -- the intense interval incline workout.  This only took me about 35 minutes, but by the end, I was dripping sweat.  Takin' care of bizzznass! :) 

I left the gym feeling so relieved to know that my workout was done for the day, and I could now focus all of my attention on my other responsibilities.  

I was also thankful for the prep work I did last night, because as luck would have it, we had some very unpleasant car trouble this morning, and I needed every extra second I could get! 

So, riding the high of today's workout knockout, I have decided to embark on a 7-week, rise & shine workout challenge.  Here's the plan -- beginning tomorrow, I am going to work out in the morning Monday through Friday, up through the last day before the Bar exam (July 25th).  

I'm giving over 30 days to form this habit, because I think morning workouts are the one and only option for me at this time, and even as I move forward into my career.  

Did you know that 90% of people who exercise on a regular basis work out in the mornings? I guess there's something about knocking it out of the way that helps you stick to it for good. 

So, who is with me??!? 

Have you been struggling to squeeze in regular workouts into your busy schedules? Or has having a sweat sesh on your to-do list all day been stressing you out?  

Why not take on this challenge with me? If you want to join, make a commitment to 4 to 5 pre-work, pre-school, pre-other responsibility, morning workouts for the next 7-weeks (July 25th is the last day of the challenge!), and maybe we can form this habit together.  I'd love the company! :) 

If you're considering the 7-week challenge, here are some tips for making it work:

1) Prep your coffee, lunch, and maybe even breakfast (like some overnight oats) the night before. 

2) Fill up your water bottle, and put it in the fridge to chill overnight so it's ready to go! 

3) Lay out the rest of your workout items before you go to bed (clothes, charged-up iPod, keys, wallet, you get the picture). 

4) Get yourself to bed at least 30 minutes earlier than you have been -- so that you aren't sacrificing any beauty sleep for this challenge. 

5) Make a commitment to ditch the snooze button -- it is your own worse fr-enemy! 

6) Remember: Quality over quantity! If you can only devote 30 minutes, make them power-packed and you will be sweating just as if you had been moving for an hour. 

7) Check out your gym's class schedule -- are there any 6am classes that you could try? I will definitely be hitting up some 6am spin classes @ my gym. 

8) If you are concerned about being too tired throughout the day, consider adding a 20-minute power nap  into your afternoon/early evening schedule -- you will now be freeing up some time for some extra relaxation!

9) Workout during your favorite morning show! Hop on that tredmill, plug in your ear buds, and catch your favorite morning talk show, like Good Morning America, or (if you're lucky enough to get up on the later side) my favorite, Regis & Kelly!

10) Invest in some fun workout DVDs, like Body by Bethenny, or Kendra Wilkinson's Be a Knockout DVD.  So fun! :) 

11) Give yourself a reward to look forward to/a goal to acheive.  Maybe you want to train for a half marathon in late July/early August.  Maybe you have a trip planned (that would be me!!).  Maybe you can just save up for a mini-shopping spree at the end of the 7-weeks or a trip to the spa.  Eye on the prize, my friends! 

**Something to talk about: Any tips for squeezing in morning workouts? Comment on this post & let me know if you are joining me on the 7-Week Rise & Shine Challenge.  Make a commitment to streamline your routine & get yourself looking HOT for the end of July! 

If you need some more inspiration or guidance, take a look at: 

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The Top 5 morning workout benefits. 

Have a fantastic afternoon, ya'll, and I'll see you back here tomorrow, workout down & feeling good! 




  1. I actaully work out every morning with The Fiance... we set our alarm for 5:30/5:40 and get to the gym by 6. It helps a TON because 1. the start my day off better and 2. I don't have to worry about doing it when I get home from work because I'm tired and have a million other things going on. :) The only time I DON'T work out in the AM is if I have a pilates class that evening... and soon to be Boot Camp Classes with an Ex-Bears Player!!!

  2. That is awesome! Good for you guys! :) So excited to hear how the boot camp goes! xoxo