Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Weekend Re-Cap

Hi again, everyone! :)

I hope you are all have had a fantastic Monday.

We are winding down for the night, and I wanted to pop back in to share some fun pictures from my weekend celebrations.

This birthday weekend was filled with flowers, friends, food, and LOTS of sunshine.

I always hope for sun & warm weather on my birthday, and this year definitely delivered. It was a scorcher.

I got to my bar prep class on Friday, and my friends Erica, Ashley, Emily, and Christina were there with cupcakes for me -- red velvet & flourless chocolate, and a vanilla one with sprinkles from Christina!

Red Velvet Cupcakes!

My friends Erica & Ashley! :) 

That combo combined with my free donut from Dunkin (thanks for the party, DD!), and I was on a sugar hiiiiyyyahh.

The day just kept getting better from there -- we got out of class over an hour early (woo hoo!), and headed to a famous Chicago diner, Lou Mitchell's.

At Lou Mitchell's, the wait staff presents you with Milk Duds & Donut Holes the moment you walk in the door, so by this point, my teeth were about to fall out.

For lunch, I enjoyed the 5th grader's favorite, grilled cheese & tomato soup:

{There may or may not have been some coloring going on too

Yummmm.  This was my FAVORITE meal at my sorority, and I have sooo missed it.  Something about the combination of warm soup and buttery bread just gets me.

After that, we moved onto...

{You guessed it: more CAKE!}

Lou Michells has an incredible coconut cake -- very different, and very delicious.  Served up with a candle for a big 25-year-old wish! ;)

I had a great time during the day with all of my law school girlfriends.  I didn't make a ton of friends in law school, but in this case, quality definitely wins over quantity. Thanks girls SO MUCH for making my morning so special!

After lunch, I headed back home to do a little school work, and waited for Justin to get home.

I arrived home to some more beautiful flowers from Justin's family (thanks so much guys!!!):

{It is smelling lovely up in here!} 

I love sunflowers because they remind me a lot of my Mom! :)

Justin got home with my most favorite present of all:

A giant cookie cake!!!!

OMgoodness.  This thing was delicious.

I highly recommend splurging on a Mrs. Field's cookie cake for your next occasion -- the ones from the grocery store don't really compare.

Growing up, my friends and I would always give each other cookie cakes for our bdays, so these monstorous sweets hold a special place in my heart.

I think I'd take a giant chunk of chocolate chip cookie over a piece of cake any day.

We packed up our things, and headed up to Michigan to go to Justin's family's lake house (aka "my happy place") for the weekend.

Saturday pretty much looked like this...


After getting lots of sun & relaxation, we headed to Justin's sister's high school graduation.

I was so happy to get to see Tayler on her big day. We are SO proud of her and are so excited to see her go on and do more big things! Congrats again, Tayler!!!

Wow, what an amazing weekend, right?!

Thanks everyone for making me feel so loved on my birthday! I am still riding the highs of the sugar coma, and ready for another GREAT, happy & healthy year.

See ya tomorrow,




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