Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leggo My Eggo

Happy humpty dumpty day guys!

So, here's the dealio with yesterday's bloggage.  I tried, tried, and tried again to get up a post last night with my latest dinner recipe (Salmon with Raspberry-Glaze), and I was super excited to share it with you guys because it is de-to-the-licious, but Blogger was NOT cooperating.

The spacing was all off on the post and things kept getting magically moved around. It was a mess! It was up for about 2.5 seconds, but ended up dropping offline, which was probably for the best because I think you all might have gotten a headache.

I was about ready to pull my hair out by the time I went to bed! :)

Anyway, I could put up the post now, but I really don't appreciate unappetizing pictures in the morning, and I doubt many of you do either (unless it's smoked salmon + cream cheese on a bagel, fish + morning coffee do not go together, IMO).

So, I will post the salmon recipe up at a more appropriate time (maybe tomorrow night?).

For now, lets talk WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday).

Before my morning workout today, I was really not hungry (we had a later dinner last night), so I opted for a small handful of fresh strawberries + 1/2 cup of coffee on the way out the door.

Maybe I'm just lazy, but I find that strawberries are really annoying to cut up all at once.  With that said, it makes things SO much easier to have them pre-cut when you eat them almost every day! We buy about 2 cartons a week, and I *try* to slice them up and throw them in Tupperware or a big Ziploc on Sundays, otherwise I was too much time slicing each day.

At the gym this morning, I knocked out a modified version of my Easy Breezie Workout, and then did Fitnessista's Spring Arms workout.  It was short & kind of mild, but sweaty sweet! :)

After my workout, I was pretty darn ravenous, so I decided to go with one of my new favorite breakies, Van's waffles!

These babies are delicious AND nutritious.

I topped 2 toasted whole-grain Van's waffles with some peanut butter, strawberries, 1/2 tsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp lite syrup, and a dash of cinnamon.

Big glass of water and a cup of coffee on the side, of course!

Something about the smell of syrup really reminds me of my childhood.

I remember my family would sometimes make alphabet-shaped pancakes (mine would obviously be J's).

It always brings a smile to my face to look back on those fun mornings, and I get excited to *hopefully* make some alphabet pancakers with my own kiddos some day! :)

I am now pleasantly full and ready to tackle another big day of cramming!

**Something to talk about: Are there any smells that distinctly remind you of your childhood? Did your family have any breakfast "traditions"? 

Have a wonderful morning everyone, and I'll see you later today to wrap up the rest of WIAW.



P.S. I just added a "workout log" to the Sweat Seshes page, to share my daily workouts.  I think this is a great way to share with you all what I have been doing, and it will also, in a way, help me hold myself accountable for keeping my mind & body healthy with exercise! :)


  1. Yummy Van's Waffles! I love those! And I am also someone who *tries* to cut up things...hehe.

    The scent of tide laundry detergent brings me mom used it and when I decide to buy it from the store I feel right at home. That and pledge!

  2. OMG! I love the smell of Tide! I will often pay more for it just for the smell! Thanks for sharing girlie! :)

  3. Those waffles look good! The smell of popsicles and "summertime" smells always remind me of my childhood!