Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Listening to the Heart

Good afternoon, folks! :)

Lets keep the WIAW rolling, shall we?!

In the middle of my lecture this morning, I was craving something sweet, yet salty.

Smart Pop Kettlecorn to the rescue!

Oh yeah, I have totally jumped on this train.  Perfect study snack!

Get in mah belly, but stay the heck outa my teeth! 

Lunch was a tough decision today.  My heart was saying "sandwich," but my head was saying "eat the darn salad" (since I had lots-o-carbs this morning).

Not one to deprive myself of what I really want, I went for the sandwich (on a sandwich thin, so it only kinda counts, right?), and will be minimizing the carbs at dinner.

Lunch included:

1) leftover crock pot BBQ chicken from last night  (with a couple of squirts of BBQ sauce) and a little bit of shredded cheese (I am really trying to minimize my cheese intake) on a honey wheat sandwich thin

2) leftover broccoli + cauliflower + s & p

3) green grapes :)

4) {not pictured} dark chocolate Dove Promise, which read "Don't settle for a spark...light a fire instead."

You know you are studying for the Bar exam when all you can think about after reading that tidbit is the crime of arson.  Higher levels of learning going on here, folks!

Want to come over for dinner? It's gonna be a good one! :)




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