Friday, June 17, 2011


Hi everyone,

Happy fuh-reak-ily deak-ily FRIDAY! :)

At this point, I hope you are all ending your work day and gearing up for an exciting weekend.

Concentration has been hard to come by for me this afternoon.  I think Friday afternoons are studying's worst enemy.

Is it bad that the only thing I can do to coax myself to cram in any more info today is candy and coffee??

I'm not sure what has me more wired, the caffiene:

Or the sugar kids:

I mean, if this picture doesn't scream "I'm going to pass the Bar exam," I reeeeally don't know what does.

{I may not have learned much about civil procedure today, but I sure did determine that red & green are by far the BEST flavors of SPKs.}

So really --> the madness has got to stop.  I've eaten all the baby carrots & my Dove promises are telling me things like "take a moment for yourself."

Code red.

I need to get some healthy study snacks, and beverages for that matter, in my life ASAP.

Tomorrow's mission is to get better options up in hurr.

Do you have any suggestions??

I was hoping to have time for a *different* kind of post today, but you know, one thing led to another i.e. I took a nap and spent way too long on twitter , so I'll save that one for later.

I've gotta go get a little more done, because I have a hot date tonight with this really cute guy I know...

That's him setting up my "office" earlier this week, what a nice guy! :)

I'm not sure where we are off to, but as long as it involves food, preferably something other than sour candy, I'm there.

I'll see you guys back here sometime this weekend.

**Something to talk about: Can you recommend any good study snacks/beverages?? I'm kinda stumped on this one.

Hope you all have a fantastically fun & relaxing night!



P.S. The weekend night-in recipe I had for you guys kinda stunk up a storm, so I decided to spare you (trust me, it tasted like yick in a bowl).  But hey, it's all about the trial & error! Better luck next week.


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