Sunday, June 19, 2011

Date Night

Hi friends!

How are you all doing this Sunday morning? Happy Father's Day to all of you daddios out there!

I let myself sleep in a little bit, so I am finally feeling rested and ready for a big day of studying. Woo hoo party time! :)

Justin & I had date night on Friday.  We haven't been able to spend a ton of quality time together lately, usually just our morning work outs and a quick dinner each night, so date night was definitely seeming in order.

We wanted to go out to dinner in the area, but since we are still newbies, we really weren't sure where we'd end up! I pulled out my Yelper hat and found some things, but nothing was really sticking out.

I figured I'd better shower and throw on some heels since my boyfriend has only seen me in sweaty workout clothes and pajamas lately:

Colorful Top: Charlotte Russe
White Shorts: Ann Taylor LOFT
White Wedges: Steve Madden
Earrings you can't really see -- Indigo (boutique I used to work @ in Indiana!)

As my outfit kinda suggests, I did have a secret craving for Mexican.  So, when we drove by the first south-of-the boarder looking place, I was all in.  Chips & salsa here I come! :)

We ended up at Don Juan's, which is in the suburb just a little south east-ish of us.  We were both skeptical about this place.  The restaurant got very mixed reviews on Yelp, which is kind of my bible when it comes to restaurant reviews.

I'd say our experience @ this restaurant was...well...mixed.  The service was less than stellar, but the food was delicious.

We got chips & salsa to start, of course!

The salsa was very smooth & had a smoky flavor that almost reminded me of BBQ sauce.  I tried not to inhale.

Justin stayed true to form and ordered the ground beef tacos (this guys LOOVES his tacos!):

{I snapped a picture really quick before he could give me the stank eye, heheh}

While the little devil on one shoulder was begging me to get the enchiladas, the angel's voice was louder, and she said "faahhhittaaasss."  {I am trying to not eat SO much cheese (although I did have cheese + crackers for dinner last night, whooooops!)}. 

Boy was I ever glad I listed to her!! These were hands down the best "fajitas" I've ever had.  As you can see, the dish was heavy on the chicken + grilled veggies, and light on the tortillas. AND, it came with a side of fresh guacamole.  Hollllaaa.  

My meal kind of reminded me of Mexican stir fry!  If I do ever go back to this place, it will probalby only be to get this dish again. 

After dinner, I casually blurted out "ice cream" under my breath.  

I thought Justin tuned me out (usually ice cream is not his thang), but the next thing I new, he was pulling up to Oberweiss! :) :) 

I've never had Oberweiss before, but we keep driving by it and I have been dying to stop to get one of those milkshakes that apparently brings everyone to the yard. 

When we walked in, I actually wasn't really feeling ice cream, so I was glad to see they had froyo on the menu, and cookie dough

Do I look excited, or what?!?!

I got a kid's size (yes, that is a kid's size, wowzers) frozen yogurt + cookie dough.

I dominated that thing.  Heaven in a cup! 

Yesterday I had my Bar prep class, so I sadly missed Justin's sister's graduation party.  I was super bummed I couldn't make it, especially because there were cupcakes and puppies involved! :(  

Thankfully, I got a lot done yesterday, and I am now settling in for another day of work. 

There should be a workout involved today...and I'm thinking a casual run outside might be it! 

I'm also hoping the weather cooperates so we can grill up some turkey burgers on our patio tonight, followed by the Miss U.S.A. pageant if I can convince Justin to sit through it! ;) 

Speaking of Miss U.S.A., did you guys see this story on GMA about one of the contestants?? This totally brought on the tears, and now I just have to watch the show tonight.  Go Miss Alabamaaa!!!

Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone! :)