Saturday, July 16, 2011

No Better Therapy

Hi long lost friends! :)

I can't believe it's been 2 days since my last blog - I am so sorry for neglecting all of you!

I am starting to get super tense about this exam to the point where it's really hard to think about much else.

On a more positive note, do you know what the best therapy is for killer stress?

A super sweaty long run...

{so embarrassed by my yuckiness, I can't even look at you right now}

A big tub of fro yo!


I woke up today feeling a wave of stress come over me about what was ahead for the morning, so I knew there was only one thing to do...

Lace up my shoes, turn up the country, and joggg it out!  

I covered my usual 4-mile route this morning, and despite the insane humidity, I was running strong and it felt amazing.

I got home and showered up quickly so I could squeeze in some good hours of studying before the exciting afternoon I had planned - my first ever blogger meet up! 

Today a group Chicago bloggers got together for lunch @ Seasons 52 followed by FroYo @ Red Mango.  

Perfect summer afternoon, right?!

I was so excited to meet all of these super sweet and adorable ladies.  They are all just as fantastic & fun in person as they are on their blogs.

{picture borrowed from the beautiful Miss Chelsey!}

So great to meet you (roughly from left to right) Maria & Lisa (Healthy Diaries), Melissa (Food and Such), Chelsey (Clean Eating Chelsey), Marisa (Mind Over Booty), Sara (Sara Runs), Diana (Veggie Next Door), and Stefanie (The New Healthy)! :) 

I have been dying to try Seasons 52.  My wine club went there a while back and I had to miss the outing, so I was really excited to finally get there.  

Our waiter was extra-informative, explaining the restaurant's name, which had something to do with the menu changing 4 times a year, like the seasons.

I didn't catch his whole bit, because I was super busy trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch. 

Seasons offers a vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free menu, AND all of the dishes are less than 500 calories.  Pretty neat, eh? :) 

I wanted something summery & fresh, so I went with the fish tacos: 

I was a little bit intimidated by the fire-breathing-dragon hot sauce that came on the tacos, but I put on my big girl pants, and dug in.

I am such a sucker for anything with avocado.

I was a happy camper, and I almost dominated the whole enchilada plate. 

After lunch, some of us headed over to a little piece of heaven: Red Mango

{Diana, Melissa, & Me!}

You know the deal - lots of fro yo choices (I went with Key Lime & Coconut, shake it all up), a buffet of toppings (white chocolate chips, sprinkles, and fruit for me), and bowls as big as your head but you still not so secretly want seconds.  

You better believe I'm going to drag Justin back tomorrow for another cup-o-joy after a long day of studying!

Speaking of, I've gotta get back to it.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me through this crazy time...I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like a beach and lots more time to do some fun things with this little blog of mine! :) 

Have a great night, ya'll! 




  1. Yay! If I lived closer I'd be at red mango every day! Lol dangerous! ;)

  2. Seriously! I really am making him go again tomorrow! :)

  3. You don't waste any time :-) Great summary of our awesome get together! Good luck with all of your studying - I know all of your hard work will pay off soon!

  4. Thanks so much Diana!! So great to meet you & I am really looking forward to that Hot Yoga!! :)

  5. So wish i could of went to the meet up! I hope to meet you and the other girls soon! I love froyo!!!!

    happy monday love!!