Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pioneer Days

Hi guys!

It's been a lot of fun playing pioneer and all, but it really gets old after a few days.

You wanna know the top 5 worst things about a power outage??

1) You miss the Bachelorette (and no, your DVR cannot help you).

2) No morning coffee = a very grumpy Bar exam studier.

3) All of the food that was once in your fridge must now fit into coolers, or else it's going to the raccoons.

4) You are forced to workout AFTER you workout.

{5 floors after the Pizza & Beer set, noooo thank you!}

5) Everyday activities suddenly become abnormally dangerous activities.  

For example...

A "simple" trip down the elevator: 


Or attempting to shave in the shower (don't ask...)

But, you wanna know the BEST thing about a power outage? 

The stupidly giddy feeling you get when the light magically returns almost 72 hours later.

{high on life light air conditioning}

If you need me, I'll be hanging out in the freezer! :)




  1. Congrats on surviving so long without power!!! An impressive feat!

    I feel very lucky to have not been impacted by the storm.

  2. Thanks! We are just hoping that is it for the summer! Might be time for a generator otherwise haha :)

  3. I agree with Diana! I usually head straight to my parents house when my power is out for longer than 12 hours! haha :)