Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIAW: Just Eat The Cookie

Good evening! :)

I just wanted to pop back in to finish up WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday).

Even by about 4PM, I still couldn't get that darn cookie off my mind.

So I did it...

I mean, how could I not? It was just too darn cute & scrum-diddily-umptious.

Loved. Every. Bite.

Dinner was a bit later tonight, but it came together very quickly thanks to my best friend: The Crock Pot.

{Butter & Basil Corn, Sweet Potato Fries, and French Onion Chicken}

Recipes to come! 

Now, we're relaxing on the couch, finishing up one of my all time favorite movies...Ratatouille! :) 

Nighty night & sleep tight. 




  1. Cute blog! Oh gosh, Ratatouille is just a great movie - puts me in that "feel-good mood". :)The french onion chicken looks really good, and I think I NEED a cookie now. Good food + curling up on the couch while watching disney movies with cute chef rats? Seriously, it can't get better than that. :D

  2. That Butter & Basil Corn sounds delish! Recipe please! :)

    Can I have a cookie too?! Looks soo good!

  3. Just eat the cookie...yes!! Everyone needs a cookie sometimes :)

  4. @butteredlife

    Thanks! :) I LOVE Ratatouille. I was so excited to see it on TV last night. I will post the recipe for the chicken soon - it's super easy!

  5. How could you ever resist a cookie!! Looks yummy! Glad you enjoyed it too!

    Crockpots are a life saver!

    Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend!

  6. Hey Girl! I don't blame you for eating that cookie, it looks scrumdidilyumptious! :)

    Hope all is well!