Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've Missed You!

Hi friends!!!!!!!!! :)

I hope you guys have not given up on me!

I fully did not intend to take a blog-cation, but my oh my, these past couple of weeks have been BA-nanas.

With coming home from vacation, heading right into a brand-new (and time-consuming) job, and helping with 2 fabulous bachleorette parties, I feel like I have literally been treading water.

It's all been a blast, but I am craving my routine, including my regular blog posts!

So, lets cut to the chase, I'm sure you're all wondering...

1) How was the rest of our trip to Maui? 

It was incredible!

We rounded out our trip with a Luau:

We finally got "lei"ed! ;) 

Some more relaxing days at the beach:

Yes, this is a real picture. 

A trip above the clouds:

10,000 feet above ground, to be exact. 

Looking down into the crater. 

It was so windy and about 50 degrees - we were WAY under-dressed! 

And more sunsets that will take your breath away:

We had an amazing time on our vacation.  I could not think of a more perfect way to celebrate being done with the Bar exam, and, of course, being newly engaged!

I would highly recommend Maui to anyone thinking of a their first Hawaiian vacation.

In case you are wondering, we stayed at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas - the Westin's time share complex in Maui.

The resort was beautiful and we had impeccable service!

We got a great deal through Costco Travel.

I think it is worth becoming a Costco member just to take advantage of the incredible deals on their travel service.

It was hands down the best deal out of all of the popular online travel sites.

2) How is being engaged? 

It's amazing! :)

The excitement of it all is still setting in, and I still feel a little bit like I am playing house with this sparkly little number on my finger! ;)

I have been so busy, I haven't gotten to spend a ton of time with my future hubby these past couple of weeks, but I'm looking forward to many relaxing nights as a newly engaged couple ahead.

The week I got back, my wine club threw me the SWEETEST surprise engagement party @ Season's 52.

I was so so surprised and thrilled to see all of the girls - thank you all so much again for everything!

Dessert cups for all! :) 

3) How is the wedding planning going? 

It's just getting started!

No date as of yet, but are leaning towards sometime in September/October 2012.

We did make one big decision though - to have the wedding back in Indiana, where Justin is from! :)

We are going to look at a bunch of potential venues this coming weekend - and I am *hoping* we will have a date booked shortly thereafter!

I've finally gathered some magazines, a great planning book (thanks Laura!!), and I'm ready to put on my bride-to-be cap and get down to business! :)

So much to think about - but it is all so fun!

4) How is the job going? 

It's going well so far! It's nice to have an office, and I'm slowly settling in, but the schedule (as I'm sure you can all gather by my 2 week absence) is going to take some getting used to.

My workouts have been almost non-existent over the past 2 weeks because of how early I have been leaving and how late I have been getting home.

I am seriously considering joining the gym in my office building so that I can squeeze in a sweat just before or after work.

5) Where the heck else have I been? 

I've been partying with some other amazing brides-to-be! :)

My bestest friend, Miss Ashley! To be a LaGrand on September 17th! :) 

And my friend from home, Miss Marie! To be a Cooper on November 5th! :) 

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. 

I am so sorry I have been neglecting you all! 

I promise I do have some really fun things planned for BEBT.

This week: 

1) A brand-spakin-new playlist! 

2) A mouth-watering weekend night-in recipe. 

3) A WIAW - working woman edition. 

4) Taking care of these special blog awards I have been given! 

5) More wedding deets. 

Stay tuned!! :)




  1. So glad to have some "bright-eyes" back in my life!!

  2. Yay Jess! So glad you're back! I thought of you while getting my butt to the gym at 5:15 this AM. I knew you'd be proud!