Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ya Do What Ya Can

Good morning, everyone!

How are you all doing this Tuesday?! :)

I don't know about you guys, but after taking a couple of weeks pretty much completely off from working out (truth: I may have squeezed in about 3 workouts total in the past 2.5 weeks...), it is so much more difficult for me to motivate myself to sweat on a daily basis.

This morning's sweat sesh almost never was.

I woke up 10 minutes after my alarm (5:10), knowing that I would not have time to make it to the gym.

You see, now-a-days, if I want to do the whole rise & shine thing, I pretty much have to be out the door by 5AM.

I know, it's ungodly.

I dragged myself out of bed anyway, deciding I'd get in a quick run outside.

I really wasn't feeling it at this point.

It is now dark here around 5AM, and I am not so comfortable about running, outside, in the dark, by myself.

Call me paranoid...I have just watched 1 too many 48 Hours Mysteries to fall for that trick.

But...I found my big girl pants I laced up my shoes and headed downstairs anyway, only to find that my iPod was DEAD.


At this point I was so dang frustrated, I decided to show them (and by "them," I mean whoever was trying to prevent my morning workout after Taco Night, of all things!).

I did a few quick laps, in silence, around our neighborhood, treating it kind of like a track.

That was about all I could handle.  You guys know how ADD I get with old music - try that with NO music.

I came back upstairs to knock out a new BBF YouTube Ab series, the Butterfly Abs series, followed by a little total body blast that I have been meaning to share with you guys for WEEKS.

This little set is great, because it can literally be done ANYWHERE.  No weights, big bouncy ball, or mirror needed.

Just a little willpower, your body, and maybe some Britney (or Justin Bieber, my choice this AM!) to get you through it!

The "5 by 25" Total Body Circuit:

1) 25 mini-sumo squats + 25 cellulite blasters (See this video @ 1:48 & 2:08 for these moves!)

2) 50 jumping jacks (I guess this ruins the "5 by 25 name," but who's counting?!)

3) 25 tricep dips (body weight on floor or use a seat or even a couch!)

4) 25 crunches of choice (can alternate type each circuit if you’d like)

5) 25 pushups (try the real ones for the first 10, then drop to your knees if you’d like)

Repeat this 3 to 5 times, depending on how you’re feeling that day! 

This is a goodie!! Your legs, tush, arms, and abs will be burning!

*Remember: Always check with your doctor before starting any new fitness routine*  

As I was working through all of this this morning, I was constantly telling myself, "hey, ya do what ya can."

It's not always possible to get in a full, 60 minute workout at a gym.

For regular exercise to be sustainable with a busy schedule, you've gotta get creative.

And, sometimes it is the most impromptu workouts that are the best!

I'm so glad to have that out of the way, because I've got a busy day ahead, including a meeting tonight with a potential photographer/stationary vendor! :)

On that note, I wanted to ask all of my engaged & married readers...did you all DIY your invites, or outsource them?? I was thinking about doing ours myself, but I'm wondering if all of the extra work would be worth the amount of $ we might save.

A question for all ma single (or not!) ladies (and men?!): What is the most impromptu workout you've done lately?!

I'm off to finish this beautiful cup of coffee staring at me...

Have a great day, ya'll!




  1. Abdominal exercise machines commonly incorporate quite a few dietary recommendations that needs to be put into practice whilst using their items and for the majority of the time, it was those tips that makes the specific difference rather than the utilization of the product.

  2. I learned the "Jail-house workout" at boot camp and I'm going to try and get that in tonight. It's 1 pushup, 2 situps, 2 pushups, 4 situps, 3 pushups, 6 situps.... all the way to 10 pushups and 20 situps. The situps need to be FULL situps. Plus 50 squats. It's a hard one!!! I totally agree about trying to squeeze in exercise. We have been talking the puppy for walks in the AM, but I still need something extra.

    Good luck tonight!

  3. I've been getting up at 4:50 to get in to the gym before work lately and I've been feeling great, but also really tired! I try to go to bed early so that I'm getting enough sleep, but what are your suggestions for how to make it through the morning after an ealry workout and not fall asleep at the desk (not that that happened or anything....)

  4. Ah, that is an early morning! I'm too paranoid to run outside in the dark too! I think I watch too many Criminal Minds episodes!