Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoe Decision

Good morning, everyone!

Happy Saturday!

It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday in the suburbs of Chicago.

Last night, we headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant in the area, Caliente's!

I was super excited when my Mom suggested Mexican for dinner, because it's one of my favs, but Justin is not so smitten.

We ordered fresh guacamole for the table first, which they come make right in front of your hungry eyes:

The only other place I've been to that does this is Dos Caminos in NYC.

There has to be tons of other places that put on the same show, I just haven't found them yet!

After digging into the guac & salsa, I decided roll with the Fajitas:

Enjoyed side by side with a refreshingly-amazing Margarita, cha cha cha.

That thing dominated me.  I got through about half before I decided to throw in the towel.

Tequila is no joke, people :) I think there's even a song about that...

So, before heading out with my mom for the day, I wanted to fill you in on my big wedding wedge decision!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your helpful comments yesterday.

Many of you suggested throwing in a pop of color, and there were a lot of comments to remember to think about comfort.

After much thought, I have decided to order BOTH option number three:

And option number four:

To see which pair is the most comfortable and looks the best in person.

I'm super excited about the Badgley Mischka shoes because I think they will go the best with my dress, which I realize none of you have seen.

Unfortunately, that pair is "on order" with Bloomingdales right now, so I might not see them for 5 weeks.  At least I got free shipping!

In the mean time, I will be checking out the Ninas to see how they feel.

I think both willl be super cute in pictures.

I've got another fun-filled day ahead with my momma!

We are heading out to Macy's to look at some things for the registry, and then maybe to do a little work clothes shopping.

I desperately need to add to my "big girl" wardrobe.  Slowly, but surely.

Hope you guys all have a happy and healthy day!

Stay tuned for some more updates, and maybe even a wedding post, tomorrow!




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