Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding Wedges

Hi there!

Happy freakie FRIDAY.

Did anyone jump out of bed this morning for a pre-weekend sweat?!

I had short but power-packed workout this morning - only about 30 minutes long.

If you're looking for a quickie today try:

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life's 20 Minute Hill Run


This --> Ab Burner from Fitnessista

I loved that combo this AM!

I am so excited this Friday because:

A) I am only working a half day today (yayyyy).


B) My mom is coming in this afternoon and will be visting with us all weekend (double yayyy).

We don't have a ton of plans this time around, so we will just see where the weekend takes us.

So, today I am in need of YOUR help!

I am having a huge debate with myself over my wedding shoes.

You see, we are getting married at a country club, hopefully out on the green, so a classic heel isn't going to cut it.

It's going to be hard enough for me to get myself and my dress down that aisle, so there is no way I am going to try to deal with having my heels dig into the grass.

I hear grass stains don't go so well with bridal gowns? Ya don't say.

So, I have decided that I am going to buy a pair of fancy wedges to wear on the big day.

Easier said than done.

There are about -5 options when it comes to wedge occasion shoes.

It actually kind of shocks me - aren't outdoor weddings super popular??

After lots of browsing and lots of pinning, here are the options I have the shoe search narrowed down to:

Option #1: Ericka by Nina

Option #2: Lulu Townsend Pultan Wedge Pump

Option #3: Eterna by Nina

Option #4: Badgley Mischka Gisele Wedge

Which one is your favorite?? 

I do need a little bit of height with my dress, and I think all of these options will be good for that. 

Leave a comment with your favorite, and I will let you know what pair I end up going with :) 

Have a fantastic day, everyone! 




  1. What if you did a fun color shoe..would you have more options? I love bridal pics with a pop of color, plus you might wear a color shoe more than a white shoe again.

    That being said on a totally unrelated (well kind of related) note- Have you ever seen when brides have their bridesmaids sign the bottom of their shoe so they are supporting the bride every step of the way :) Then you get the shoes framed in a shadow box and maybe something else from your wedding. I love that and thought you might like it too!

  2. I like #3!! I have a pair of Nina shoes that I wear to weddings, and they are the utmost in comfortable, you can dance all night in them!!

    I also agree with ashley; I think (since I like to plan my very-in-the-future wedding) that a pop of color shoes (maybe to match the bridesmaids?!) would be so cute!