Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Strapless Dress Arm Burner

Hi everybody!!

Well, it was just another low key weeknight over here.

I reliquished the remote (don't worry - RHBH & the Bachelor are waiting for me on the DVR) so that Justin could watch the National Championship game.

True love, folks. True love.

Truthfully, I had some other things on my mind, like tackling our guest list.

I really didn't think a guest list would be all that hard until I had to sit down and do it.

Geeeeezzzzeee louise.

Forget about having to figure out how to invite everyone you want and still keep it under a reasonable number of guests, then you have to go out and get everyones' addresses and figure out how many guests each person gets to bring (or if they get to!) and how many save the dates/invites that translates to.


Don't even talk to me when we have to figure out the seating arrangments.

I think I'll make that Justin's job :)

Alright, enough whining from me.

I did have some happy moments last night, courtesy of these babies:

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds

What? That's not on the pre-wedding diet?

Did you not get the memo??

Forget about the chocolate & toffee, there were ALMONDS.

29 grams of sugar - my tush.

Almonds = healthy.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :)

I also relaxed with a new-to-me tea:

Trader Joe's Well Rested Herbal Tea

Can you tell where I went grocery shopping this week?? 

I am really loving Trader Joe's.  

Truthfully, I think I'm sold on the free samples they always have going.

But really, they do have great produce and the bang-for-your-buck never ceases to amaze me.  

We are so lucky to have a TJ's just down the road from us now. 

So, now I'm finally getting to the real purpose of this post, which is to share a little "arm burner" workout I came up with.  Woo hoo!

News flash: I'm not going to go on some crazy crash diet for my wedding.  

I really want to look like myself on my wedding day, not some bag of bones.

With that said, the ONE thing I really DO want are some super-toned arms.  

I think it's safe to share with you all (Justin - earmuffs!!) that I will be wearing a strapless dress on my wedding day.

That was something I was pretty sure I wanted.  

I did try on some one-shoulder dresses for fun, but none of them really knocked me off my feet - plus I heard they are a pain in the petunia to alter.

Anyway, with strapless dresses, we all know great arms are a must

So, you better believe this girl is going to do every pushup and tricep dip possible leading up to 9/15/12.  

With that said, I had been literally playing Fitnessista's Spring Arm Workout on repeat for months, and I decided it was time to switch things up a little.  

I started playing around with some ideas, and I came up with this little arm circuit.  

Little is definitely not the word to describe how you will feel after it.

If you get through this one (doooo it!!), you will feel like a lean-mean-strapless-dress-wearing-queen :) 

What you will need:
1) 2 weights of your choice (I just graduated from 7.5s to 10s, pretty impressive, I know). 
2) A flat weight bench or a mat. 

Strapless Dress Arm Burner

10 Bench (or floor) Push Ups
10 Bench (or floor) Tricep Dips (how to here)
10 Bicep Curls (try a plie squat combo - do the first, second, or third variation in the video)

30 seconds of rest

15 Bench (or floor) Push Ups
15 Bench (or floor) Tricep Dips (how to here)
15 Overhead Presses

30 seconds of rest

10 Bench (or floor) Push Ups 
10 Bench (or floor) Tricep Dips (how to here)
10 Lateral Raises (how to here)

When you get to the end, go back in and repeat one more time.

If you're feeling great, in the final set of 3 exercises, do as many push ups & tricep dips as you can (burn it out!) before finishing out with the lateral raises.

Let me know if you try it!

Before I leave you, I want to get some input from you guys!

I've put the call out for this before and I didn't receive much of a response, so I'm hoping for some more comments this time! :)

I am trying to get back into more regular posting (3 posts in the last 3 days, yayyyy).  I would LOVE to know what you guys want to see more of!

Wedding updates?
Fashion(ish) posts?
Daily life updates?
Maybe a little Q&A session?

Or, would you like to see me leaning towards more of what you see on sites like Peanut Butter Fingers & Sweet Tooth Sweet Life - sharing my daily eats/workouts?

I write this blog because I really enjoy it as a hobby, but I also do it for YOU guys, and I'd love to get your feedback so I can give you more of what you want.

Don't be shy (pretty pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase).

This would be a great time to comment if you haven't before!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!



P.S. My workout log on the "Sweat Seshes" page was updated!


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