Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Recap & New Year Motivator Playlist

Hi there!

I hope you all have had a happy & relaxing evening.

It has been a pretty low key one for us over here.

In fact, it has been a very low key weekend in our neck of the woods.

Friday night was some pizza from one of our new places, Spuntino's, along with a little bit of this...

Tea & iTunes surfing (and yes, our tree is still up and thriving!)

And probably a little too much of this... 

(A Christmas gift from Justin - you need some

Saturday started with a little gym time with the fiance on a sunny day.

Followed by a baby shower fit for a beautiful momma to be! 

Lauren (due March 4th!) and her sister, Katie (my very good childhood friend).

Preggo Punch

Lots of yummy food. 

Did someone say sliders?!?!

Sweet Mandy B's Cupcakes

Lauren is the co-founder of Lola Event Productions and is incredibly talented at event planning, so I knew this shower would be full of adorable details. 

Baby shower upstairs, beer & football in the man cave :) 

Centerpieces in celebration of the impending arrival of the little peanut! 

"Ready to pop" Garrett Popcorn Favors (that is being eaten as we speak!) 

After the shower, Justin & I had our own little fiesta to attend to. 

Equipped with my new apron (would you believe I never had one?): 

And awesome new pans (a very generous Christmas gift from Justin's parents): 

I whipped us up some of our favorite enchiladas... 

With lots of fun sides for me! :) 

So, now that it's Sunday night, and the fiestas are over, I know many of you are looking forward to a week full of great workouts! Yayyyyy.

No, not so much?? 

Ok, well if you're not so enthused, maybe some new gym music would help?

I gotta say, the latest playlist is definitely a goodie pats self on back.

If you haven't treated yourself to new workout music/upbeat tunes in a while, you really should check some of these (or the whole list) out!

New Year Motivator Playlist

1) Alive, The Black Eyed Peas
2) Ass Booty Back Home (feat. Neon Hitch), Gym Class Heros
3) Angels, Damato
4) Set You Free, 3OH!3
5) Don't Stop (Color on the Walls), Foster the People
6) I Like It Like That (Goldstein Remix), Hot Chelle Rae
7) Crash Your Party, Karmin
8) Wild Ones (feat. Sia), Flo Rida
9) I Won't Give Up, Jason Mraz

If you download just one of those songs - I'd pick "Wild Ones" - I'm a little obsessed with it right now.

Well, now it's about my bed time, folks!

Hope to see you all sometime this week.

Until then, stay happy & healthy!



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  1. Oh my gosh, I am SO obsessed with Wild Ones right now! Hello, repeat all day! Hope everything is going great for you Jess! :)