Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catching Up

Hi friends!

How ARE you all doing?!

I'm so sorry that I've been off the radar this week.

Last Week was both physically and mentally exhausting for me, so I decided to slow things down a little this week and I'm feeling MUCH better this morning.

Speaking of this morning, why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did I decide to wake up at 6am?!?

Oh...that's right, because I went to bed at 9PM!


Anyway, I'm glad I listened to my body and gave it some rest, because now I'm feeling rested and ready to have the fun and relaxing weekend that I so need.

Before I get to that, let me catch you up on a couple of things.

1) Last Friday night, I had to stay later at work than anticipated, which kind of STUNK because I ended up missing a movie date with some of my wine club girls & my bridesmaid, Christina.

Major bummer for both me and Justin, since now he will most likely be forced into watching this epic chick flick :)

Well, because I am SO lucky lately, once I was able to leave work, I ended up slipping on the wet floor at the train station (it had snowed that afternoon), which hurt not only my ego, but also my ankle.

Needless to say I have been a little bit O.O.C. (out of commission) on the workout front this week.  My ankle is really not that bad, just a very minor sprain as I have self diagnosed.

I got in  2 very easy workout this weeks to keep the blood flowing, and I'm hoping to be back on top by Monday because I have a pretty sa-weet new playlist for ya'll and I'd like to give it a whirl myself.

2) After going back into work on Saturday (@ 8AM, the horror!) you better believe I was ready for some time with my handsome fiance + good food + DRINKS.

Justin took me to The Happ Inn Bar & Grill, a place one of his co-workers has been raving about.

Apparently, this spot is frequented by some of the big name sports stars who live up on the North Shore, like Derrick Rose and Brian Urlacher.

I could smell his motive from a mile away.

Unfortunately, there were no celebrity sitings, but fortunately, The Happ Inn was a hit.

Upscale, cozy atmosphere.

Great drinks.

Awesome menu.

Fantastic food.

{Hummus Platter}

{Turkey Burger + Sweet Potato Fries}

Folks, that was the best dang turkey burger I have ever had.

I have already asked Justin to take me back to this place tonight :) I'm hooked!

3) Did you hear?? Tuesday was Valentine's Day!!

Justin & I decided to keep things low key this year.

Usually we do gifts and go out to dinner, but since Vday fell in the middle of the week this year and we are on a budget (ahhhmm wedding), we kept it simple.

We set a budget of $30 for gifts, and opted to do dinner in.

My one caveat was that we were going to actually sit at our dining room table, with no tv, and candles.

I made up my spaghetti sauce + garlic bread, plus some homemade meatballs (recipe coming soon).

We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, a much needed quiet night together during another busy week.

I spent my $30 on lots of sour candy (Justin's fav!) from the dollar bin at Target, underarmour-ish shorts, a lovey dovey card, and a new lunch box (his old one was getting a little dingy).

Justin got me beautiful flowers, TWO things of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a cute card, wine, and these babies...

{Vosges Dominican Milk & Cherry Rooibos Bars}

I am officially OBSESSED with Vosges.  

Just can't get enough! 

Anyway, that was pretty much all of the exciting and fun news I had for you!

I am off this morning to get my hair highlighted & cut @ Salon Buzz

I checked my appointment reminders, and it has been 3 MONTHS since I've had a haircut. 

Holy ba-geeze. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! 

Something to talk about: What was your favorite thing you did this week?? 



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