Friday, February 10, 2012

Open Letter to Self

Dear self,

I'm sorry this week has been so stressful.

There were definitely some nights where you wanted to walk straight in the door and guzzle a bottle glass of wine...

...then eat your weight in that pan of blondies you just had to make (recipe to come!).

You really should have known that was going to happen.

Stress always makes you bake.

Dear self,

I'm so proud of you for not doing either of those things.

It was much more wise to settle for that relaxing bubble bath...

...and your favorite cup of tea.

What is it with you and the tea lately??

It's really starting to get kind of weird and granny-like.

Fo reals.

Although, we should probably talk about that pint of Ben & Jerry's that has disappeared.

Everyone knows you did it.

You should probably stop telling yourself that because it's Fro Yo, it's okay.

Or, maybe it is okay.

Maybe next time we will just strive for four sittings, instead of three.

Dear self,

You would really be a lot less stressed out if you would stop beating yourself up over the little things.

Like that junk room you just can't seem to do anything with.

It's okay if you'd rather spend your free time (ha!) playing around on Pintrest and working on your blog.

You love your blog.

You should really do more of the things that bring you joy every day.

Dear self,

It's all okay now, because today is FRIDAY.

T-G-I freaking F, people!!!!!!!!! 

We made it! :)




  1. I saw the vow last night!!! Happy Friday, I'm not doing anything this weekend let me know if you get bored! Love you
    The brownies are already gone :)

  2. Aw, I love this post!!! And hey, that pint IS froyo! I think we need another Red Mango date! This time we'll go back for seconds! :)