Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Ok guys, I have to say it...

Happy Freaky Friday....we made it!!!!!!!


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Our Yard

I don't know about you all, but I would just like to freeze my yard and flowers right where they are. Everything is finally blooming and it's too early for things to start dying because I've neglected to water them.

(I have, however, already killed two of my planters I'm made, #imspecial)

Everyone please admire how good our grass looks and tell my hubby he's a stud.

He's been workin' hard in the yard!

Our Bird Friends

This year we have not one, but TWO birds nests on our garage. The one that is further to the right (kind of hard to see, its up in the rafters) has been there since we moved in, but the one on the left is brand new this year.

Is it weird that I am proud that these birds chose to come live with us? Like, they thought our house looked cozy enough to make there home here. How sweet, right?

What I don't love is that in the morning when I am heading to my car in my sleep-walking state to go to the gym the birds get all freaked out and go kamikaze at my head.

How can I get these birds to understand that I am not here to disturb them??

This Song 

If you're looking for someone who has sophisticated taste in music, you have come to the wrong place.

I have been playing this song on repeat this week. I love love LOVE it!!!!

Brings me back to old school Mariah Carey and I just can't stop.

Lake House Dreaming (& Pinning)

Justin and I have always talked about getting a lake house of our own some day.

Until then, I am pinning my little heart away with pictures of my dream lake house.

All donations will be reciprocated with a weekend invitation! :)

This Quote

Enough said.

Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend, everyone! Relax and soak up some free time with your loved ones.

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See you on Monday!




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