Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Hi friends!

Happy Freaky Friday!! We MADE it!!

Sorry for the two day's been an unusually busy week over here!

Today I'm linking up again with Mary BethKendraMishaAmanda, and Laura for "Friday I'm in Love."

This week let's do Friday I'm in Love Birthday Treat edition...

I was seriously spoiled on my birthday this year.

I slept in just a little and woke up to a bag of candy, a funny card, and a gift card from my hubby that I plan to use on some Lululemon gear for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

When I got to the gym in the morning and checked in, the girl at the front desk knew it was my birthday and greeted me with a big "Happy Birthday!"

That is some customer service. (And another item to add to the list I use monthly to justify the small fortune spent on my gym membership. Win, win.)

Work was super upbeat because I think everyone was excited for my birthday the Hawks game, and I got delivered the most beautiful flowers from my husband in the afternoon (#spoiled).

These things are making my office smell like heaven.  

On my way home from work I stopped and cashed in my free Starbucks birthday drink. 

I am such an amateur. I didn't realize you can literally get whatever drink you want in whatever size you want?!?! I still cannot get over that! I ordered a decaf vanilla latte made with coconut milk and loved every second of it on the train ride home. 

When I walked in the door at home I had a ridiculous amount of surprises waiting for me. Cookie cake, more flowers from my hubs, cards, and flowers from my sweet neighbors. 

Every birthday calls for a cookie cake, people! (Thank you so much, Megan!!) 

After getting cleaned up, we headed out to Cooper's Hawk for dinner to celebrate.

We are members, so we had some wine to pick up for the month. This month's wine is a Chilean Cab. If you have a Cooper's Hawk near you, go get some PRONTO! :)

I love love love the potsticker appetizer at Cooper's Hawk. One of my absolute favorite things is to get that app, a little soup, and wine in the bar area. My happy place!

We were home at a decent time and I may or may not have been in bed by 9:30. Perfect end to the perfect day.

In other favorites news...if you are looking for a fun weekend dinner recipe this week, you have to try these Beer Cheese Joes. Ohhhhh my lord. So good. 

I made ours with this Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat beer, which turned out to be a great choice.

Served with a little broccoli for some green and loaded up on a sandwich thin. Perfection!!

And a final Friday Favorite is that we are heading to the LAKE this weekend! I am literally cartwheeling inside my head. Cannot wait.

I will make sure to stop back by on Monday to share with you some highlights from one of my favorite places on earth.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!




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