Monday, June 8, 2015

Sentence Per Picture

Goooooood morning, people!

I am currently in a cookie cake and taco dip coma from our weekend at the lake. And apparently my Internet is too, because it is running slow as molasses this morning.

Justin's family has a lake house up in Michigan and it is one of our absolute favorite places on earth during the summer months.

You take some winding back roads to get up there and once you arrive, your worries disappear along with your cell service. It's glorious.

We spent the weekend sleeping in, breakfasting on the deck, grilling burgers & brats, tubing with some cousins, reading a good book (me), cleaning out garages (Justin), watching the Blackhawks lose while the cable was coming in and out, pontooning at sunset, and ending the night by the bonfire. Perfect lake weekend.

Let's recap the weekend sentence per picture style.

Why does morning coffee taste so much better at the lake? 

Is there a 12 step program for La Croix water, because I think I had 16 this weekend?

Wine, cheese, and oldies music on the pontoon at dusk.  (Heaven on earth.)

My favorite captain. 

Roasting marshmallows by the fire, and listening to all the drunk people have sing parties spinning around the lake...good, good times. 

The Sleepy Brewers Inn: early bird breakfast 6AM. Lake Rules: relax, relax, relax. 

So that's the weekend in a nutshell! 

On Sundays, we drag the days out as long as we can up at the lake and scheme about how we could swing taking Monday off for just "one more day." 

But, reality calls and after a drive through a white-knuckle thunderstorm home, we are back at it on this Monday morning. 

Hope your coffee is strong and your Monday is short today, friends! 

If you need something to look forward to....bachelorette tonight and RHOC starts! Are you watching it all in one night?!?! 




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